Tiger 3 Vs Dunki Vs Salaar Vs Animal Box Office: Worst To Best Probability To Reach 1000 Crore+ Ranked! Salman Khan & Prabhas' Comeback...
Tiger 3 Vs Dunki Vs Salaar Vs Animal Box Office: Worst To Best Probability To Reach 1000 Crore+ Ranked! Salman Khan & Prabhas’ Comeback… (Photo Credit: IMDb)

Tiger 3 Vs. Dunki Vs. Salaar Vs. Animal: The last two months of 2023 could probably rewrite history, being the most profitable couple of months for the Indian film industry. Shah Rukh Khan has already delivered two back-to-back 1000 crore+ grossers in Pathaan & Jawan.

Sunny Deol, with his ‘Desh Ki Blockbuster’ Gadar 2, also entered the in-trend 1000 crore club, and now it’s time to end the year on a note that will be remembered by future generations.

Today, we’ll discuss the pros and cons the four biggies of November & December have, which might or might not take them to the la la land of 1000 crore. 2 out of these 4 have everything going to their favor to beat that number; let’s predict that with the probability from worst to best ranking all of them.


Okay, so out of Animal and Salaar, the worst probability of grossing the 1000 crore club has to be of the Ranbir Kapoor starrer despite probably being the 2nd most exciting film of all 4 (the first being Dunki).

Why? 2 reasons: First – Prashanth Neel. The man who delivered KGF knows the nerves of the masses & Prabhas badly needs the same. Second – the film getting an adult certificate indeed limits and restricts the target audience.


• DEADLY combo of Ranbir Kapoor & Sandeep Reddy Vanga

• Ranbir Kapoor’s organic star-power

• Music could surprise big-time!


• Will have to face Salaar & Dunki ahead

• If it gets an A certificate, it’ll limit its audience


Yes, the time isn’t good for Prabhas, but if there’s one film that could bring him back on track, it has to be Salaar. Kalki 2898 AD could elevate things further, but this one could regain his lost fans with the MASSter director Prashanth Neel.


• The MASSter #PrashanthNeel

• Prabhas  is finally looking back on the track

• The single-screen dominance for the initial days (further too, depending on the quality)


• Prabhas’ disastrous trilogy of Saaho, Radhe-Shyam, Adipurush

• The fatigue owing to KGF-esque treatment

• Viewers might not be ready to accept another masala film post #Jawan & #Tiger3.

Tiger 3:

Salman Khan is coming back with a proper commercial potboiler that will bring back mayhem on single screens; what else would his fans ask for more? Shah Rukh Khan’s cameo would ensure more power and more


• Releasing over two months after the last blockbuster in Jawan

Salman Khan in a proper single-screen-serving masala film after a long time

• Shah Rukh Khan’s memorable appearance as Pathaan


• If the story falters, it’ll hamper the word-of-mouth, decreasing the film’s chances of going to 1000 crore

• Director Maneesh Sharma directed Fan before this, and we’re yet to see the ‘MASSala’ side of him


The top on the table in order of both excitement and having the best probability to reach the 1000 crore club has to be Shah Rukh Khan & Rajkumar Hirani‘s Dunki. We’ve seen Hirani’s universal language of cinema, and the sky is the limit for this one, even if it’s an average affair with a below-par climax.



• Pathaan & Jawan’s follow-up craze

• The brand of Rajkumar Hirani

• Overseas would go crazy high


• Will face competition from Salaar

• Diminishing Marginal Utility?

(Is there anything called too much SRK, though?)

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