Kriti Sanon denied all link-up rumours with her Raabta co-star Sushant Singh Rajput. There have been reports about the 26-year-old actress spending quality time with her alleged beau Sushant outside the sets of Raabta but Kriti rubbished them all. Not just this, the actress has clearly stated that she is very much single at the moment.


In an interview with Koimoi on Wednesday, Kriti said, “There is nothing between us.” She added, “It was so surprising that, if you have noticed, those articles were coming out mostly from one platform, which I do not want to name but it was coming out every other day. It was like as if any representative of that platform is staying with us and is writing the story about us!”

Kriti Sanon Denies Being Sushant Singh Rajput’s Girlfriend: There Is Nothing Between Us!
Kriti Sanon Denies Being Sushant Singh Rajput’s Girlfriend: There Is Nothing Between Us!

Did link-up rumours affect her equation with her Raabta co-star? Kriti replies, “Link up rumours did not affect my equation with Sushant at all. After a while, we actually started enjoying it. Just like a daily soap, there would be fresh news about us every day. I would discuss those with him and tell him, (as per reports) I am angry with you today, you came late today, whereas, honestly speaking, I am the one who used to come late! There were reports that apparently he (Sushant) did something and I got pissed off, then we fought and then we broke up and then he was trying to manao me. Then, I think, because we went on a drive together after he bought a new Maserati and then because of the Maserati I said yes again! So, we made fun of it (link-up reports). That’s how we dealt with it.”

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Does Kriti find such reports disturbing? Pat comes her reply, “Such reports do not affect me. In fact, I have got so used to it now that I have stopped reading them. We have actually started admiring the fiction! There was a daily soap kind of a feel to these articles.”

Do link-up reports with co-stars affect her personal love life? Kriti laughs before answering this one and says, “If I had a personal love life then the question of it getting disturbed would arise!”

Ladies, those of you are crazy fans of the hottie, Sushant, can heave a sigh of relief now! Needless to say, the same applies for Kriti’s male fans too!




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