The film industry is characterized by the need to stay ahead in the race, and in such an environment true friendships are hard to come by. Gossips and rumours are common tools to disgrace people and bring them down and budding friendships between actors and their families is a rare sight. One such case is that of Sussanne Khan and Mehr Jesia Rampal.

The two best friends were introduced to each other by their respective better halves (Hrithik Roshan and Arjun Rampal) and have remained close since then. Sussanne and Mehr who chose to keep quiet about controversy regarding Sussanne’s divorce form Hrithik have finally opened up to media to set the record straight for the sake of their children.

Mehr Jesia Rampal and Sussanne Khan
Mehr Jesia Rampal and Sussanne Khan

“We have to be hawks to protect them to set the record straight with dignity and decided that we need to talk about this. We need to make people understand that you cannot bully people and cannot demean people’s character and get away with it,” said Sussanne.

In the exclusive interview with a leading publication, both the ladies cleared the air about their various appearances and absences that had snowballed into fabricated stories in the media. Speaking about this traumatic phase, Sussanne was quoted as saying, “My relationship with Hrithik will always be what it is. We have a good bond as parents first and that is our priority. And we will always remain close. Mehr and Arjun are like family to me and we have this beautiful relationship and are so close.”

Mehr also added, “Sussanne is my sister and knows more about me than Arjun or my mom knows. She is my closest friend from the industry. Sussanne and I have even done holidays together without our husbands and children.”

The two share a beautiful bond that helped Sussanne through all the media glare and scrutiny during her time of trouble. They have been each other’s support system for a long time so much that Sussanne considers Mehr and Arjun her family, often going out for dinners with them. These rumours have affected their families which led the two beautiful women to give out a statement ending all false news.

Sussanne is a strong independent woman who loves her kids and family and feels that media reports are maligning her image and causing pain to her loved ones. Mehr has stood strong through all the controversies and hope that all these reports will stop before they have a wrong impact on her children.

Media has been churning out stories about Hrithik, Sussanne, Arjun and Mehr concocting false information, and the two women hope that through this interview all rumours will be put to rest and they can move ahead in their life and career.

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