Deepika Padukone
Deepika Padukone

Rohit Sukhwani is an engineer who is now pursuing LL.B from Kota. He is a die hard fan of Deepika Padukone and just to show everyone how crazy he is for her he has published a book named “Dream Castle” which is a collection of short stories in which his story “The New Beginning” is also there which he has written about himself and Deepika Padukone. He has always chosen the path he wished to. He is an Entrepreneur too, He believes in making the best out of the short span of life. He has spent an important phase of life in Noida and learnt a lot about life there, miles away from his comfort zone and relocated to his hometown for the love of his parents. His hobbies include travelling and reading fiction novels. He has achieved a lot and is yet to achieve a lot, but most of all, he is an inspiration to them who wishes to live their life according to their own terms. 


Take a look what Rohit has written for Deepika:

It was an early April morning, 2007, when I first heard her name, ‘Deepika Padukone’, will be the lead actress in Shah Rukh Khan’s next masala flick ‘Om Shanti Om’. I saw her for the very first time on Television and my heart literally skipped a beat. It was not a love at first sight thing, but definitely it was something that cannot be defined in words. The innocence in her eyes was what made me crazy for her. I instantly googled her and found out that she has also worked with Himesh Reshammiya in one of his album song’s video, and that her father is a former Indian Badminton Player. Within an hour I knew each and every thing about her that was available online.

As days passed by her appearance on the Idiot Box increased and so did my level of craziness, for her. With time I was becoming more and more obsessed with her and kept on searching more and more about her. Finally, it was time to see her on the silver screen. It was the festival of Diwali, everyone was busy with the preparations and what was I doing? I was sitting in Adlabs at 10.45 am to watch the first showing of my Deepika’s movie. The movie was awesome and so was Deepika, by the time movie got over I was in love with her. No, I was not just another fan of her; I literally fell in love with her.

Time passed and I shifted from Kota to Delhi in search of a job, it was 2011 and I was still in love with her. People called me crazy, but little did I care about what anyone said. Some started calling me a psycho, but all I gave them was a big smile, as I was happy with my madness.

It was Mid November 2013, when I saw Ram Leela, which was by far her best movie. I felt like I fell in love with her again after watching this movie. It was then when I decided that it’s time to meet her. I know it was not possible, but it was definitely worth trying. So I decided to go to Mumbai on a short holiday and to meet her at any cost. I booked the tickets for the next week and started planning on how I would reach her. No great idea came to my mind and so I stopped thinking and just started the longest journey of my life.

After doing some research, I had already found her address and flat no. I also knew she was not busy in any shoot right now as she wanted to rest after the promotions of Ram Leela. I was clear where to go after reaching Mumbai. Mumbai was not like they show us in movies, but it was like any other city, but I definitely found Mumbai fast moving, as everybody there was in a hurry to reach somewhere.

“Take me to Prabhadevi,” I instructed the cab driver. It was my first time in Mumbai and that too all alone, I was excited plus nervous both at the same time. It took me exactly 25 minutes to reach Prabhadevi from Bandra, Railway Station. I had seen pictures of the Multistory building ‘Beaumonde Towers’ in which she lived on the 26th Floor of the 2nd tower, and it was not difficult to locate the shining towers of Beaumonde in Prabhadevi. I paid the cab driver and finally, after dreaming about this for so long I was standing outside the place, which she called her home. I wondered if this was happening for real, was I really standing in front of Deepika’s apartment? That she might just be a few meters away from me? Little did I realize then that these few meters were no less than the distance between Land and Sky.

According to what information I got from her fan pages, she was in Mumbai, so all I had to do was wait for her, in case she comes from somewhere to her apartment or leaves from somewhere, in both cases she will have to cross the main gate where I was waiting for her. I waited for her for over 15 hours from 9AM to 12AM at last she arrived in a BMW 320D. She was not at home the whole time that means maybe she was away shooting somewhere.

There were not many people in sight, just two guards at the entrance who were giving me dirty looks from the past few hours and I. The BMW stopped near the gate, She was not alone; I guess it was someone else’s car and the owner of the car had come to drop her home. Finally the moment came when she opened the door came out of the car and stood in front of me.

The world came to halt; it was just her and me. She was moving towards me and I was just standing there with my right hand on my chest, just to control my heart from popping out. She saw me and I saw her it all happened in just a few microseconds, but for me it all seemed like eternity. Soon everything started moving at a fast speed, her Bodyguard approached me before I could approach her, made me go out of her way by hitting me hard, I fell on the road  still looking at her, but she walked pass me without even turning back. Till the time I could get up on my legs, she was gone.

I was completely baffled by what just happened. That was the moment that made me realize that what a fool I was, what was I thinking that she will see me and come and talk to me like I am her lost friend or something? I kept sitting there as the night darkened. The next day I came back to Kota, instead of going to Delhi.

What happened in Mumbai was unbearable for me and I kept thinking about it day and night and due to this in a few days I became very weak and was admitted to the hospital. After getting discharged from the hospital, I didn’t feel like going to work either, so I left my job and started doing another thing, i.e. nothing.  Months passed by and my career was going nowhere, everything in life felt like a poison that I was willing to drink.

One day while sitting at home, watching television I found ‘Om Shanti Om’ playing on Sony Max. It brought back all the memories of the past, though my mind said to switch the channel, but my fingers didn’t obey, I was lost in the thoughts of what happened back in Mumbai, when suddenly SRK’s voice took over my mind.. “Kehte hain..agar Kisi cheej ko dil se chaho, to puri kaynaat usse tumse milane ki koshish me lag jati he” (And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.) I was lost in this dialogue for some time and then left the room. I put my cell on charging and went to take a bath. When I came back there were two messages in my inbox. One was from my friend, cursing me for not answering his calls, and one was from my network company which read like this “Kehte hain..agar Kisi cheej ko dil se chaho, to puri kaynaat usse tumse milane ki koshish me lag jati he.” to make this dialogue your hello tune dial 54330, call charges apply 3rs/min.”

I was numb after reading this, though it was just a coincidence that I had just heard this dialogue minutes ago in the movie after which this message came. But again, I thought that what if it’s not a coincidence, what if it’s a sign from God, who is indirectly trying to convey to me what it really means. That if I really love her then I will have to earn her.

And that was the moment that changed my life. I stepped out of the house that day, looked towards the sky and smiled. It was over two months that I had a smile on my face. Though everything was same everywhere, but still everything inside me had changed; now I had much more confidence in me.

In two days I sorted out everything that what I wanted in life. I knew if I have to reach to her level, then doing a job anywhere is the last option. I had to start my own business and that too which will someday help me reach new heights internationally.  After doing research for a few days on the internet I have come up with the idea of an Online Shopping Site, in India there are still very less shopping sites that provide good quality products. I did my homework on the subject for next two-three months about how the process works and how all the formalities will take place? And finally I was ready to start my own business and that too an E-Commerce store.

It took me three more months to finally kick start the business and few more months of real hard work and within a year was a brand. Our website reached the top 100 online shopping websites of India within 6 months,, i.e. my own online shopping website was listed among the top most growing E-commerce stores of the year 2014. At the end of two and a half working years of, its annual turnover was more than 25 Crores, that was far beyond mine or anyone else’s imagination.

Finally, it was time to do that one thing for which all this had started. It was time to meet her again. I asked my Manager to hire Deepika Padukone as our sites brand ambassador. He was shocked by my order, though our yearly turnover was 25 crores, we still could not afford Deepika Padukone as our brand ambassador, as the marketing budget was only 10% of the whole turnover, i.e. 2.5 crores. But I ordered him to sign her as our brand ambassador at 50% more than she usually charges others, I won’t mind if this costs us our whole profit. After all, everything that I am today is because of her.

06-Dec-2016, Mumbai (A fictional Tale)

06 December, i.e. my Birthday or you can call it D-Day. Today, after three years I am again ready to confront her, but this time the scenario is little different. I left home in my new BMW-320D, that I had purchased especially for this day.

I was supposed to reach The Taj, by 4 P.M as informed to me by my Manager. Though I was nervous throughout the way, I had not forgotten what had happened 3 years ago. My chauffeur opened the door for me I reminded myself that I am not the same person that I was 3 years before and tried to change my nervous face into a more confident one. I reached the table booked for me at 4.15 Pm, due to high traffic on Mumbai roads.

And there she was, waiting for me.

This time everything was different, except her, though she looked much more beautiful than before. I knew that this is just the beginning, before reaching to the table I looked towards the sky and smiled.

After two minutes, one of the most beautiful girl in the world, stood up on seeing me and stretched her hand forward to greet and I said “Hello, Rohit Sukhwani… and you must be Ms. Deepika… have heard a lot about you.. “

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  1. I cant believe that my story is here…. thank u, thanks a lot. I hope it serves the purpose for which it was written.

  2. One thing that’s similar betwen his and mine story is that we both love a celebrity and I found this story sooooo inspiring!
    If oneday,I’ll be succesful, I’ll surely mention your name as my biggest inspiration and this story my “turning-point”
    Thank you so very much for sharing this!
    Made my day!

  3. This is a fake story! There is no site called, and Deepika isn’t the brand ambassador for any such brand!


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