Raja Ravi Varma’s life was a glorious one and given that he was a victim of Censorship, it’s quite ironical that a film on him faced similar fate. Delayed for years, Rang Rasiya is finally out for release and the Censor Board has allowed pretty bold scenes to remain, including a much controversial nude shot alike Mira Nair’s Kamasutra.


Talking about the liberating move from censor board to pass the movie without any snips, Randeep says, “I am happy that the censor board saw frontal nudity as an expression of art and not lust. In the movie, we have looked at human body in a beautiful way and not a lustful way. Most vulgarity emerges from our point of view of about the object and not the object itself. A naked woman for some can be beauty, for some disgust, for some lust. Beauty really lies in the eyes of the beholder and I firmly believe in it.”

Randeep Hooda in a still from movie 'Rang Rasiya'
Randeep Hooda in a still from movie ‘Rang Rasiya’

The film’s controversial theme could have been deterring for other actors but Randeep maintains otherwise. He says, “Not at all, the film is about controversy. Now that I have a bit more knowledge about the positioning of a film, earlier I wasn’t, it was purely just for work. Even now it is for work, but if something is not going to be positioned right and I can see it, then I wouldn’t do it. But sensuality and controversy have never deterred me from doing it. In fact, a lot of films that are not so great thrive on controversy. And a lot of controversial films find acceptance because the opinion is guided in that direction.”

Very agitatedly Randeep went on to say, “We are not showing graphic, pornographic visuals. But there is frontal nudity. However, it is from a muse to an artist out of love. Not that he’s doing a doggy style. It’s really, purely expression of art.”

Randeep explained with clarity and care the aesthetics of the film and given Ketan Mehta’s body of work and reputation, we know we are definitely not in for anything that doesn’t fit the story in Rang Rasiya.

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