Farah Khan is taking no chances with her upcoming film Tees Maar Khan. The director has already obtained the official remake rights of the Italian film After The Fox. She’s now turning her eye toward movie pirates.

Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif (Tees Maar Khan Wallpaper)

The producers of ‘Tees Maar Khan’ have joined hands with Alliance Against Copyright Theft (AACT) to take serious action against piracy. As per the law, anybody seen in possession of a ‘Tees Maar Khan’ pirated CD/DVD will be booked under the Indian Copyright Act, 1957. AACT’s enforcement consultants have planned raids at various locations across India to seize pirated  goods like inlay cards, DVD writers and other equipment.

Siddharth Roy Kapur, CEO, UTV Motion Pictures who are also the producers of the movie said, “The entire team of ‘Tees Maar Khan is working hard to curb piracy. We are working closely with the authorities to intercept attempts to copy or distribute pirated versions of the movie. It is important for our industry to collaborate with AACT against piracy. We will continue putting pressure on the pirates till the release and post release as well.”

Farah Khan, said, “In the last three years the biggest hits have released on Christmas, and with ‘Tees Maar Khan‘ we are confident of continuing the trend. Over the last month we have been appealing to the audiences to refrain from buying pirated copies of the movie.”

AACT has seized pirated goods worth Rs. 2 crore over the past month and a half. Nearly 100 people have also been arrested in connection with video piracy. The seizures worth Rs. 2 crore included 1,66,114 CDs and DVDs, 3,700 inlay cards and 35 DVD writers.

Farah Khan sure is not taking everyone take “The Biggest Heist” too seriously.

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