What went wrong with ‘No Problem last week? Why didn’t it take a flying or, at least, a fairly good initial?
Its trailers didn’t excite the audience except when the Mast Punjabi song came on air. None of the stars of the film are those who command an initial. Besides, if the music was also weak, how could you expect the film to open well?


No Problem Movie Poster, Tees Maar Khan Movie Poster

Will Shirish Kunder’s ‘Jokerbe released in 2011 or 2012?
In 2011. Its shooting will start next month and be completed by April/May 2011. The film is being planned for release in the last quarter of next year.

What kind of an opening do you think ‘Tees Maar Khan will get?
After the chartbuster Sheila Ki Jawaani song, do you still have doubts about its bumper start?




  1. mr nahata ji if only star can give good initial then Action replay should have been superhit since in that movie akshay kumar was there and music also good
    be practical if movie it well run irrespective of stars ok

  2. sir etc channel showed the budget of TMK around 75 cr. while the actual budget including its promotional cost is approx. 45-50 cr. & which is also confirmed by its producers,,,so why ETC channel is manipulating figures,,is it because their promos are not running on ETC,,,,,& 1 more question why aren’t the promos of TMK and No One Killed Jessica running on ETC channel,,,,,i m a daily watcher of your show,,,dats why asking ,,plzz do rply!!!


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