Reema Kagti
Reema Kagti

An assistant director, a scriptwriter and a director, Reema Kagti has always taken the road often traveled by most other newbie directors, but her trodded path has unlikely been strikingly different from her contemporaries. A perfectionist to the core, the beauty of her creativity reflects in the performances of her well-written and stunningly developed characters, be it the dozen of actors from her maiden directorial venture or the three biggies who are all ready to set the screen ablaze with Talaash this 30th November.


On a promotional spree for Talaash, Reema took over the press conference at Kolkata, speaking a lot, revealing very little about her upcoming project!

The entire plot and the storyline of your upcoming film have been kept under wraps, that too very carefully. Other than a thriller dealing with a series of accidents on the same road, what else does Talaash deal with?
You know, if I told you that, I would not live to see my release (Laughs)… All three producers will have me shot dead. Apart from that, the element of surprise plays a big, big part in the film. So, if I tell you something, it will greatly hamper your enjoyment of the film. Trust me, right now; I am doing you a favour by not telling you what it is.

A perfectionist yourself, how was it working with another perfectionist on board? Would you like to work with Aamir in your future projects?
I would cut off my arms to be able to be working with him again, honestly! Like you just said, I think we are both very obsessive about what we do, so we got along really well.

There were also reports sometime back that the climax of the film was strikingly similar to Vidya Balan’s ‘Kahaani’. What would you say about that?
No, these were all rumours. There was never any connection to Kahaani, except the fact that both are suspense thrillers. That’s it. There was also a rumour that we re-shot the ending of the film. There was nothing like that.

What is Kareena Kapoor’s role in the film?
(With a straight face) She is playing a prostitute! More than that, I am not saying anything else. For more you need to go, watch the film!

After ‘Talaash’, what are the projects that you have in the pipeline?
Well, currently Zoya and I are developing two scripts: one for her to direct and one for me to direct. It is too premature to talk about them right now. But then we are trying to write stories that will eventually come out as a memorable experience for all of you.

With one film in your kitty and one up for release, industry has already started comparing your style of filmmaking to many industry stalwarts. How do you feel?
You can’t really compare someone who has done just one film to someone who has gifted the industry with 30 super hits or even more. It’s not a fair comparison at all. It might be very flattering to us but it is absolutely insulting to them.

What according to you is the main USP of the film?
Well, what I do tell you is that Talaash is a gripping story propelled by some fantastic performances; even I do say it myself!

One thing that you are up for a ‘Talaash’!
First, mujhe ek hit ki talaash hai, aur uske baad ek holiday ki talaash hai! (Laughs)




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