Actor-director Sunny Deol says his Ghayal Once Again is based on youth and that he worked hard to depict something that is relevant to them.

“The whole film is based on youth. Definitely it’s them who watch the maximum number of films. It’s best to have something which is very relevant to them, something with which they can identify themselves with,” said Sunny at a radio station for the promotion of the film on Wednesday.

He notes its only when the kids become youth do they realize that some of the teachings given to them over the years is right and some are wrong. “It’s then that they realize that living in such a way would be difficult. So they start doing alterations because of which our society goes on changing – we start evolving and adapting to the desires of the youth – whose presence is growing every year.”

'Ghayal Once Again' relevant to youth: Sunny Deol
‘Ghayal Once Again’ relevant to youth: Sunny Deol

The fun that the youth share and problems in their life forms a backdrop of the story of the action drama, where Sunny is seen battling a wealthy businessman who makes life miserable for a group of innocent youngsters.

Sunny can’t choose a favourite from the four youngsters in the film. “As such there is no favourite, the whole film is my subject which I’m presenting based on the society. Not one, all the characters are relevant in today’s society, you’ll be able to see yourself in it and identify with any of the characters.”

While Sunny’s character was a youngster in the first part, he is in his late 40s this time, but the aggression remains constant.

“I have made this film just like I had made the first ‘Ghayal‘. Even in that, I reflected the society in 1990, and even in this I’m reflecting the society of 2016. Being a creative person, I was fully engrossed in adding creativity and experience to it. I wasn’t aware about the liking of the audience that time, but I did my own liking, and that’s what I did this time as well – hoping that the result is good just like last time,” he said.

Ghayal Once Again” is presented by Dharmendra and also stars Soha Ali Khan.

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