Subedar Joginder Singh, the much in news film is a biopic of a war hero who fought three major wars – The Second World War, the Indo-Pak war, and the Sino-Indian war 1962. This film is a true story of the 21 soldiers of the brave Sikh Regiment who were being commanded by Subedar Joginder Singh. The War of 1962 – The Sino-Indian was, lest we forget, a war which broke amidst Indian and China. On October 20, 1962, China had launched a massive attack on India, which the latter never suspected owing to the friendly ties between the 2 nations.


India did not prepare for the war because of the make-believe fact engraved in the minds of Indians that Chinese would never attack. Consequently, this led to an unprecedented situation of war between a platoon of 21 men from the 1st battalion of the Sikh Regiment against numerous Chinese enemies. Though, the Chinese being heavily outnumbered, Subedar Joginder Singh kept the morale of his men boosted. The Sikh soldiers stood strong against the Chinese attacks. The number of Sikh soldiers being substantially depleted by each wave of attack, Subedar Joginder Singh, himself being shot in the thigh, didn’t make him and his men leave the battlefield. All through this, Subedar Joginder Singh displayed devotion towards his duty, kept his men motivated, and fought with the bravery of highest order! Salute to this great man!

Subedar Joginder Singh is an informative masterpiece
Subedar Joginder Singh Is An Informative Masterpiece


The sacrifices of the soldiers are very conveniently forgotten. But, the film, inspired from the life of Subedar Joginder Singh is all set to bring this man, who is synonymous to the courage and is an epitome of self-sacrifice and extraordinary bravery, back to life. The makers have delved into the history to bring out the events and incidents of his life, most authentically. The film is not primarily a war film; it rather is a fine mixture of all sorts of emotions which one can expect to gush through heart and mind. The film, which is both entertaining and informative, is a must watch for one and all. This caters to the audience of varied psychographics. The film’s scenes are a mixture of bone-tickling comic elements, enthralling war sequences, the softness of the budding love between characters, and soon.




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