The King of Romance, Shah Rukh Khan has completed over 25 years in the industry. He has never failed to make us fall in love with his never-ending charm. SRK turned 52 on Thursday, he candidly speaks about his stardom and digital entertainment.


Like every year, Khan celebrated his birthday with the media and had a fun interactive session too. While talking to us, SRK spoke about how the concept of stardom is changing and is affecting its longevity. One of the journalists also asked him about how does he feels to be the last breed of superstars. Speaking about it, SRK said, “I think the whole concept of super stardom will change. I think also in India you will have some musical superstars. Singers, like we have Chris Martin, then Justin Beiber… I think all that will also start happening. When music leaves the films and goes into just hearing, I think that will change.

I think digitally there will be some other kind of stardom. But I truly believe that the longevity of stardom will be less because of the simple logic- first when a film releases, it used to take 3 months for it to release all over India. Now when a film releases, it takes 3 seconds for it to reach on your phone. So your reach is much faster. Earlier, it took me 10 years to become a star because everyone got to know me in 10 years, I think now it takes about a year and a half for a young boy or a girl to be known. By this same logic I think the longevity, you won’t have 30 or 25 years…I have now worked for 27 years, I don’t think that kind of…but there will be superstars bigger than all of us. But the time period will be less now. Everything will be faster.”

SRK: I believe that longevity of stardom will be less in future
SRK: I Believe That Longevity Of Stardom Will Be Less In Future

The Jab Tak Hai Jaan actor further also spoke about how digital space has an impact on cinematic experiences. “I think it will take 2-3 years for digital platform to grow to the extent that everybody is thinking that it will affect the films.

But the formatting of watching what you are going to watch on digital stuff is going to change. It won’t be cinema like ours, it won’t be 2.5 hours. I think so far nobody has really cracked what will work on small digital platforms. When I say small, it is on the telephone. But as far as digital content is concerned, I think 5 years 50% of watching things will be digital.

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We don’t even realize it but half the stuff that is being in a theatre, full is actually digital. 7 years ago when UFO and all started, it was digital. But even films will be still watched in theatres. You will have even bigger films. Suppose like you have a superhero film or a film like Avataar, so the experience of Avataar I think we have forgotten also. It was in 3D and in immersive 3D not coming out. I heard Padmavati is 3D now. So the cinematic experience will keep on increasing,” he said.

Shah Rukh further added, “What we can do today with cinema is unfathomable. In the near future, we can experience interactive cinema, where we all can see a different story or hear a different story. I think it will be quite amazing. So, cinema won’t die but a new way of watching cinema will come and you will appreciate it differently in theatres.”




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