Soundarya Sharma recently got into a brawl with a cab driver while she was on her way from her gym.

The actress who was driving her car lost her cool when a cab driver did not make way for an ambulance despite various attempts by the vehicle to overtake the same.

Soundarya Sharma Urges To Make Way For An Ambulance
Soundarya Sharma Urges To Make Way For An Ambulance

Losing her cool she gave a piece of her mind to the cabbie and onlookers too joined in. On touching base with Soundarya she stated, there are a lot of things that are basic which one must not do but its humanity for us to make way for an ambulance.

The incident did get me fuming and if in a small way I can voice an opinion I pledge to one and all that the least we can do is let an ambulance pass by.

Recently, Soundarya made her Bollywood debut in Anupam Kher’s Ranchi Diaries and she was praised by queen Kangana Ranaut for the same. She says Soundarya has portrayed her role in this first production of Anupam Kher’s with grace. While launching the song Fashion Queen, Kangana had said, “Fashion Queen’ is a peppy number. Soundarya has effortlessly portrayed the grace that a local fashion queen carries.”

“Kangana is an inspiration to me and many others like my character Gudiya, who is called the local Shakira in the film,” Soundarya said.

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