Ranchi Diaries Movie Review Rating: 1/5 Star (One star)

Star Cast: Soundarya Sharma, Anupam Kher, Jimmy Sheirgill, Satish Kaushik, Himansh Kohli, Taaha Shah.

Director: Sattwik Mohanty

Ranchi Diaries Movie Review
Ranchi Diaries Movie Review

What’s Good: Now, that depends with whom you’re going. If you’re going with your family, nothing. If you’re going with your girlfriend, everything (As you’ll get enough time to spend with each other).

What’s Bad: It crushes the expectations it raised by coupling names like Anupam Kher, Jimmy Sheirgill & Pitobash.

Loo Break: If you’re in a plex with chilling air conditioning system, you’ll have to visit the loo couple of times as sleeping in AC increases the urge.

Watch or Not?: Only if the government declares a bravery award to watch this film (But with that, I’ll get the first one).

User Rating:

Ranchi Diaries as the name suggests is a story revolving in Ranchi (Only sane thing done in the movie). A group of friends having Pinku (Taaha Shah), Manish urf Monu (Himansh Kohli) & Guddiyaa urf Guddu (Soundarya Sharma) have their aspirations to achieve something big as everyone. Guddiyaa – an aspiring singer, Monu – her aspiring lover & Pinku – an aspiring noodle maker.

Now, to earn a huge amount of money within a required amount of time what Bollywood movies had always taught us? Loot a bank! This juvenile group attempts the same clashing with a cop Lallan Singh (Jimmy Sheirgill) – who now honestly have played an honest police officer more number of times than seasons of Bigg Boss telecasted. With some more absurd twists, the introduction of Naxalites, revelation of paedophile traits of Thakur Bhaiya’s (Anupam Kher) character and a lame climax – the movie finally ends.

Ranchi Diaries Movie Review
Ranchi Diaries Movie Review

Ranchi Diaries Movie Review: Script Analysis

Sattwik Mohanty who is making his directorial debut with this one and he has taken some cues from many Hollywood movies. Major one being, Al Pacino’s classic Dog Day Afternoon. It’s definitely an inspiration, though a shameful and forgettable one. There is no story in the film, just a few adolescent thoughts weaved into making 2+ hours of boredom.

Throwing Hollywood references like Mai-Baap (Godfather) & Mahasagar 11 (Ocean’s 11) in between is what the movie does apart from irritating you. It surely wins in the section of having one of the lamest climaxes ever. My rating for the film, whatever it is, is only for the fact that many people have come together doing sincere work unknown of what’s happening. My only star is for those stars.

Ranchi Diaries Movie Review: Star Performance

Taaha Shah, still, acts better than the lot. He is earnest with his performance. Himansh Kohli breaks his wood-acting record he created with his debut film, Yaariyaan. Anupam Kher has produced the film and with a bunch of talented people in his acting school – Actor Prepares, Himansh should’ve been the last option for a lead. Anupam’s character is also royally wasted.

Soundarya Sharma looks beautiful – most probably the only delightful thing of the film. Hypnotising with her alluring smile she lights up the film with her presence. Pitobash – a critically acclaimed actor’s aura also is decayed. Jimmy Sheirgill, from the start, has been clearly shown without a girl – because anyhow, in the end, he wouldn’t have got her.

Ranchi Diaries Movie Review: Direction, Music

Sattwik Mohanty, who has written and directed this film struggles a lot to display this as one interesting movie but fails. Direction, being a minor issue, the movie fails with its horrendous writing. This movie shouldn’t have been made in any era. Gone with huge expectations as the movie was connected with the illustrious name of Actor Prepares but came out drowning in mental pain.

The music for the film is composed by Tony Kakkar, Jeet Gannguli and Nickk. It’s as depressing as the film. Not a single track intrigues you to even listen to the film. Thoda Aur, Helicopter, Godfather & Fashion Queen – 4 songs adding up 4 more reasons why not to watch the film.

Ranchi Diaries Movie Review: The Last Word

Ranchi Diaries is a visual version of a headache. Even if you want to go to have a good sleep, avoid it because the loudness of the film will wake you up. Gear up for Secret Superstar & Golmaal Again next week – do not dare to watch Ranchi Diaries.

One star!

Ranchi Diaries Trailer

Ranchi Diaries releases on 13th October 2017.

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