Singer Sonu Nigam, who next will be seen as a judge in radio channel 92.7 Big FM’s ‘Benadryl Big Golden Voice’ season 6, has said that marketing aspect shouldn’t interfere in the creativity of the show.


Sonu Nigam was interacting with media at the launch of radio channel 92.7 Big FM’s ‘Benadryl Big Golden Voice’ season 6 on Tuesday in Mumbai.

Nowadays, we often see many non-fiction shows with an emotional drama or a controversy over contestants to raise TRP of their show. “I feel marketing aspect shouldn’t interfere in the creativity of the show. A marketing team’s job is to market creative things which are there in the show,” he said.

Marketing aspect shouldn't interfere in the creativity of the show, says Sonu Nigam
Sonu Nigam: Marketing Aspect Shouldn’t Interfere In The Creativity Of The Show

“When your marketing team tells you how to create content then, you have to realize that the production is polluted. Marketing team shouldn’t give their inputs in creative aspect of the show to raise its TRP because in that process, you tend to lose creativity,” Nigam said.

“Creative team also shouldn’t tell marketing team how to market a show so, they all have to work as per their expertise.”

About his association with 92.7 Big FM’s ‘Benadryl Big Golden Voice’ season 6, he said, “I have been associated with radio since the beginning of my career. In this format, you will not be impressed with faces of contestants because here, you will only be able to listen to their voices and then accordingly you will judge them. so, this will be a different experience for me.”


Sonu said listeners of his show will not have to go through emotional turmoil unlike other reality shows. “In this show, contestants will not be able to influence judges with their emotional stories. There is struggle in everybody’s life, but no one can say that my story is more emotional than others,” he said.

“I think their emotional journey to reach a certain platform and their talent are two different things. When you are judging in a competition, you have to give more emphasis on the contestants’ talent rather than his background,” Nigam said.

“Nowadays, people also know that if they come up with an emotional story, then judges might get influenced. I think talent is the only thing that stays forever with you. So, there is no alternative to hard work,” he said.

Sonu Nigam has been a part of unsuccessful film such as ‘Jaani Dushman: Ek Anokhi Kahani’, ‘Love in Nepal’ and ‘Kash Aap Hamare Hote’ as an actor.

“I never planned acting and I never made films for myself. I never told anyone to cast me as a hero. On the contrary, people came to me with film offers and I didn’t have good experience in it. So, I haven’t thought of coming back to acting but I have done a short film called ‘Spotless‘.

“It has won many awards at many film festivals, so let that film release here, then we will see what to do next. I am also doing a video shoot for a film next year in Karnal,” he said.

92.7 Big FM’s ‘Benadryl Big Golden Voice’ season 6 will see talent from USA, Canada, UAE, Pakistan and Bangladesh along with their Indian counterparts.




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