Shruti Haasan is an actor who is known for not mincing her words. Recently when she exclusively appeared for a Live chat with Koimoi on Instagram, she opened up about the backlash actors and she herself has been receiving for not announcing their donations or  not coming out to help others in the times of COVID-19.

Shruti Haasan who is actively working with music right now, did a Instagram live with Koimoi where she opened up on a lot of things including what music means to her, her time in quarantine, films and also controversies that surround.




When asked about the backlash that celebs are receiving, she said, “There are people who have written in my comment section that why are you playing piano? Go and help the people. First of all, you cannot go down and help the people. If you are expecting me to go down, I can’t do that, we have been asked to stay in our house. Second of all most important in life, if you need to flash your charity around so you get other people’s approval, other people’s taali or applause, or just to prove that you are good, none of these are real reasons. If you want to donate you will donate.”

She added, “There are many causes I donate to, I also believe, Jitna Aap Dete Ho, Uthna Bhagwan Aapko Deta Hai. But there is no manuscript that says please go and put it on Instagram.”

Further talking about how it is different for people in politics as they have to announce their work, she said, “Specially In politics there are times when people have to announce that we have done this, so people aren’t questioning it. But me as an actor, who genuinely wants to help, I pay for kids education, I know who those kids are, I know what I am doing but I don’t need to tell everyone what I am doing.”

Shruti Haasan will be next seen in Laabam opposite Vijay Sethupathi and Krack with Ravi Teja.



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