The first look of Shakeela , a biopic on the adult actor (played by Richa Chadha) who was one of the biggest stars of the 1990s and has acted in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada cinema, is out and here we have 5 things that are extremely provocative and controversial about it:


Richa Chadha is wearing nothing but gold

Oozing empowerment in a strong stance and a strong look, Richa embraces the appeal of Shakeela in an outfit which was custom made out of gold.

Unfazed by the name tags and discrimination

She was called fat by the press and often her own colleagues in the media. The press often called her the Amazon woman and claimed that they didn’t understand her stardom although the public loved her. It was also unusual that a dusky woman became a superstar, as she was often called dark.

5 things that are extremely controversial and provocative about the first look of the Shakeela Biopic !
Shakeela First Look: 5 Things That Are Extremely Controversial & Provocative About It

Religious and moral policing!

Reportedly, Shakeela was attacked by an Islamic group towards the end of the career, for setting a bad example for Muslim girls. Some reports suggest that it was also a plan to assassinate her. That’s why the line scribbled in Hindi, “Ek Khan Hokar Aaisa Kaam?”

The wall inscription in Tamil and Malayalam


We did a little investigation and found that the Tamil phrase written on the walls loosely translates into the ‘F’ word, while the Malayalam word translates as ‘prostitute’

Inappropriate graphics on the wall!

Is it just us or is their a picture of male genitals on the wall, that has been scratched out?

It’s a pretty ballsy move to stand in front of this wall for the first look and taking on every critic that Shakeela had to face.




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