“Yes I was petrified to see myself on screen, but towards the end, I felt positive and felt a new ray of hope taking birth in me.” This is how a mother who has gone through domestic violence concluded her views on Aamir Khan’s latest movie Secret Superstar.


She held no bars while opening herself out about the movie, but as Insia in the film kept her identity secret this mother also requested for the same. For the lack of a name, let’s call her Ammi.

There are few spoilers in the review but even if you have not watched the film (yet), read the article, this may provoke you to go and watch Secret Superstar. Underneath the shiny packing of a kid aspiring to be a singer, the movie offers us a gift of standing up to what is wrong.

Secret Superstar Review By A Mother Who Has Faced Domestic Violence
Secret Superstar Review By A Mother Who Has Faced Domestic Violence

“Every time Najma (Meher Vij) got beaten up on screen, it scarred the inner me taking me back to the room where I’ve been through all this. It doesn’t hurt me at all because I’ve overused the quota of being hurt in my life. From the jewellery episode to serving salt-less food; we’ve faced such many situations in our life,” Ammi added.

“My son is a successful choreographer now but once upon a time he too was like Insia demanding few things I could never afford. But as Najma did, I too sold my valuables to fulfil my son’s valid wishes. Every slap hurted back then but it was the only way to realise how I was taking my life in a wrong direction.”

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Insia’s father (Raj Arjun) forcing her to crush her dreams, her brother joining back the broken laptop using a tape, her mother fighting all odds to make sure she gets everything she wants, her friend Chintan (Tirth Sharma) being there for her whenever she needs. Insia had everything positive against one huge negative.

“I want to thank Aamir Khan and the makers of Secret Superstar for portraying the closest version of reality, for making Najma stand up for herself and her family, for giving us a film in which we can see ourselves in.”




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