There is no such thing as nepotism in the industry, insists Sanjay Mishra
There is no such thing as nepotism in the industry, insists Sanjay Mishra (Photo Credit: YouTube)

Sanjay Mishra is one actor who has entertained the audience by being a part of masala- commercial films and films that are not a part of mainstream cinema. The actor opened up on the nepotism debate and said there is no such thing as nepotism in the industry.

Actor Sanjay Mishra is blessed with immense talent. The actor will soon be seen in the film ‘Guthlee Ladoo’, which addresses the discrimination amidst the education system in the country. In a candid chat, he opened up about the film, the much-talked debate of nepotism and much more.

Sanjay Mishra said about nepotism in the industry: “I don’t believe there is any discrimination in our industry. There is no such thing as Nepotism in the industry. Every father wants to secure the future of his child. He wants his child to achieve much more success than him in his field of work. I feel people talking about nepotism just want to be in the news. In our industry, only those people survive who know their craft.”

Talking about the importance of the film Guthlee Ladoo, Sanjay Mishra said, “I feel a film like Guthlee Ladoo should reach more and more people. The government should try to make it reach the nook and corner of the country so that every child can watch this movie. The children who will watch this movie will definitely be inspired by it.”

‘Guthlee Ladoo’ is the story of Guthlee, son of a poor sweeper who dreams of going to school. But the obstacle is his caste. A headmaster is sympathetic to him but powerless against caste discrimination. When they develop an unspoken bond, Guthlee’s dream sees hope. The film is directed by Ishrat R. Khan and features Sanjay Mishra, Subrat Dutta and Kalyanee Mulay. The movie will hit the theatres on 13 October.

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