The biggest hit of 2010, Dabangg, is now available at a computer monitor near you. The film has already had almost 50,000 views on YouTube. It might sound incredible, but Reliance Home Video, the home video and online rights holders of the Arbaaz Khan production venture, premiered the film on the online video sharing website,, on January 27. Now, not only can fans of Salman Khan watch their favourite film online but they can also download it on their computers for viewing later. When contacted, Arbaaz Khan said, “These days, every film is available for illegal downloads on the internet soon after its theatrical release. I am sure, Reliance must be looking to garner online revenues by allowing the internet broadcasting rights for a short period of time, after which it may be pulled off.”

Salman Khan (Dabangg Movie Stills)

Take note that the DVD release of ‘Dabangg was as recent as October last year. And although the producer might not pay much heed to the fact that putting one’s entire film on the internet could sound the death-knell for its DVD sales, he has to be concerned about the number of illegal copies that may be made from the downloaded files. Reliance Home Video would have, obviously, sold the internet rights to for a fee. The internet website will, in turn, earn revenues from advertisements.

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