Aishwarya Rai Exploded Like A Volcano Against Salman Khan, Just A Day Before His Hit & Run Case, Confessed "He Got Physical With Me, Caused Injuries To Himself..."
Aishwarya Rai Exploded Like A Volcano Against Salman Khan, Just A Day Before His Hit & Run Case (Picture Credit: Instagram & IMDB)

Aishwarya Rai and Salman Khan are two names etched together till eternity. However, unfortunately, these two names who once ruled this industry as a power couple could not last long in the real world. Their names together always open a Pandora’s box of abusive and violent stories, which one can not relate to the superstar Bhaijaan is at the moment. But the sad truth for his fans is that this happened. Very much to the admission of the former Miss World, who surrendered tolerating all the nonsense, which one day triggered a volcanic eruption!

Aish and Salman started dating when they first met on the sets of Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, a movie that ironically predicted the Tiger actor’s future with the Guru actress, only something none saw coming.

However, after tolerating Salman Khan’s abusive behaviour Aishwarya Rai finally broke up with him and spoke at length about the turmoil she went through. Guess what happened after she opened up in this interview? Aish, for the first time, opened up on Salman on 27 September 2002. And a day after that, on 28 September 2002, unfortunately, Salman Khan rammed his Toyota Landcruiser onto the pavement, leaving many injured and one dead, followed by his infamous Hit and Run Trial!

Aishwarya’s explosive statements were way beyond shocking. In an interview with the Times Of India, she declared, “Salman and I broke up last March, but he isn’t able to come to terms with it. After we broke up, he would call me and talk rubbish. He also suspected me of having affairs with my co-stars. I was linked up with everyone, from Abhishek Bachchan to Shah Rukh Khan. There were times when Salman got physical with me, luckily without leaving any marks. And I would go to work as if nothing had happened. Salman hounded me and caused physical injuries to himself when I refused to take his calls.”

It was a day after this infamous interview Salman Khan rammed his Toyota Land Cruiser on the footpath, leaving one dead. He faced a severe trial and a jail sentence after a hit-and-run case was filed against him.

In another interview with Indian Express, during the same time, the actress opened up on the superstar’s abusive nature. She admitted, “I stood by him enduring his alcoholic misbehaviour in its worst phases and in turn I was at the receiving end of his abuse (verbal, physical and emotional), infidelity and indignity. That is why like any other self-respecting woman, I ended my relationship with him.”

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was so done with the relationship that she never looked back to this chapter of her life ever again. She has not been on talking terms with the Khan family ever since. However, other members of the Bachchan family have been cordial with the Khans despite the history.

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