Whether you have a devilish grin or a saintly smile, Vodafone presents Bigg Boss Season – Saath 7 promises to bring out the best and the worst in you. This year’s edition of India’s most awaited reality show, Bigg Boss, brings together the angelic and demonic elements that best depict Jannat and Jahannum – two extreme traits that reside within the hearts and lives of the celebrity contestants. The show, being hosted by Dabangg Salman Khan for the fourth year in a row, will feature 14 celebrity contestants representing the Good and the Evil with a diabolical twist.


Premiering on 15th September, 2013, Bigg Boss Season – Saath 7 will capture the drama of the Bigg Boss house over the next 104 days and ensure that only the brave hearts survive till the end.

Speaking about the theme of Jannat and Jahannum, Salman Khan said, “I enjoy watching Bigg Boss and I enjoy my association with the show. This year, there’s a lot to look forward to and I’m sure the viewers will have a heavenly experience and the contestants will have a hell of a ride!”

Salman Khan
Salman Khan

Home to 14 select celebrity contestants for 104 days, this year too, the Bigg Boss House will be based in the midst of the bustling markets of Lonavala. Staying true to the theme of combining the forces of Heaven and Hell, specially crafted and designed elements will ensure that contestants are always on their A-Game. A family entertainer to the core, this season of Bigg Boss will also witness superstar host Salman Khan play the angel and the devil who will watch the contestants’ every move. Bigg Boss fans will follow the journey of the contestants while they reside in the house and experience Jannat Ka ‘Wow’ and Jahannum Ka ‘Aow’ as a direct result of their deeds while they grapple in the new environment and try to ensure that they survive till the very end.

Elaborating further, Manisha Sharma, Weekend Programming Head, Colors, said, “When it comes to Bigg Boss, it is critical that we test different themes, concepts and formats that can thoroughly engage contestants while making for an all-round entertainment experience for audiences. This season, we will bring the pleasure of heaven and the torture of hell to the contestants throughout their stay in the Bigg Boss house.”

Speaking about Salman’s double avatar, she further elaborated, “This season marks the fourth season in a row that Salman Khan is hosting Bigg Boss for us. He will take on two avatars – that of an angel and a devil – who will not hesitate to reward or punish the inmates of the house basis their behavior; thereby bringing Jannat and Jahannum one step closer to them.”

Produced by Endemol India Private Limited, Bigg Boss presents the unique combination of reality and real, unscripted drama. It is the ultimate reality show where 14 celebrities from different walks of life are locked in a house for 104 days with 70 cameras capturing their every little move 24×7 and Bigg Boss, the ultimate authority in the house who ensures that their stay is anything but comfortable. With this season erasing the fine lines between Heaven and Hell, the Bigg Boss house promises to create an experience that will not allow contestants to escape either!

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  1. Dnt knw wat is this big boss serial abt? I havnt watch a single episode of this serial. In simple words i changed the channel if i saw tht big boss serial is going on. And salman is the worse actor in film industry. He is not human. Only shows tht he is being human. Usko bolna Chennai Express ka record tod ke dikhaye agar dum hai to. Itne din SRK sirf maja le raha tha uski. Ki udne do kitna udna hai. Lekin jab time aaya to SRK ne prove kiya ki uske aage koi nahi hai and he is the horse of long race.

    • srk me dum hai 5 back to back bb dena ek hit kya ho gaye sk se compare suru salman to 20 sall pahle record tod diya tha aur abhi bhi record tod raha hai record ka baap hai

  2. Ajay v suld nt frgt tht Chennai Express earned even bcoz of Rohit shetty. Der r lots of people who luvs to watch his movies. So d collection of Chennai Express is d contribution of Srk n Rohit Shetty. Nw Abt salman he is n ll b one man army. His movie earns only n only bcoz of Him. Abt record shall wait n c..:-).


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