We all are well-versed with Salman Khan’s tender and helping attitude.He has launched a lot of newbies and star kids in the industry. Be it Katrina Kaif to Sonakshi Sinha, he has been a helping hand to many. We can also call his as a ‘saviour’,as he has given a lift to many people’s career. Salman Khan will now help his Bodyguard Shera’s son to launch his career in Bollywood.

A source very close to Salman said, “It was a promise Salman made to Shera when his son Tiger was born. Salman had picked up the newly-born boy and said, ‘Yeh hero banega. Main banaunga.’ Shera thought it was just a passing comment made in excitement on seeing the newly-born. But as Tiger grew older Salman would frequently mention the boy’s debut. In recent times Salman had become more resolute about Tiger’s launch. He reassured Shera that Tiger would be launched right after Salman’s brother-in-law Aayush’s Loveratri is out.”

Salman Khan Shows His 'Golden Heart' Side Once Again; To Help Launch Shera's Son
Salman Khan Shows His ‘Golden Heart’ Side Once Again; To Help Launch Shera’s Son!

It is said that he will make his debut with an action movie and is undergoing extensive training for that.

A friend close to Salman said, “Salman will ensure Tiger’s debut is as promising as Aayush’s. Shera can give his life for Salman. This is the least Salman can do for him.”

It will be very exciting to see Shera’s son on-screen. We all hope that Salman keeps bestowing his graciousness on all the laudable people.

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