Salman Khan's READY Rakes In 40 Crore Over 1st WeekendSalman Khan’s Ready has raked in a phenomenal Rs. 40 crore (all-India net collections) in its first weekend at the box-office.

While ‘Ready’ took an earth-shattering opening on Friday (June 3rd) making Rs. 13.25 crore (132.5 million) in net collections, the Salman Khan-starrer garnered a total of Rs. 11.75 crore (117.5 million) on Saturday. Collections shot up on Sunday to Rs. 15 crore (150 million).

As had predicted on Friday itself, ‘Ready’ had an exceptional weekend at the box-office windows across India. The film will continue to attract audiences to the theatres throughout the 1st week. Besides, as there are no major releases planned for the next two weeks, ‘Ready’ is likely to have a bountiful run at the box-office for the next three weeks.

Komal Nahta’s Review of READY

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