Apart from Loveratri trailer there were much of other things launched yesterday, like Salman Khan’s sarcastic comments. The trailer was launched both in Mumbai and Delhi, and at both of the places Salman was asked about the mysterious exit of Priyanka Chopra from Bharat.

In a video & report published by Pinkvilla, we saw how Salman Khan indirectly taunted Priyanka Chopra for leaving the film. He never said anything directly but those who can read between the lines will know how Salman is not whole-heartedly happy with PeeCee’s decision.

Salman Khan Indirectly TAUNTS Priyanka Chopra For Her Mysterious Exit From Bharat
Salman Khan Indirectly TAUNTS Priyanka Chopra For Her Mysterious Exit From Bharat

When he was initially asked about this he said, “I am really happy for her. Uss waqt hum ko ye pata chalta ke unhone wahan par koi bahut badi film sign ki hai aur hume thoda pehla pata chalta to hum waise bhi usko kabhi rokte nahi (If we had known then that she has signed a big Hollywood film, we wouldn’t have stopped her from leaving the film). End moment pe pata chala, shooting ke 10 din pehle pata chala. Shooting shuru ho gayi thi meri, par unke schedule se 10 din pehle pata chala ki woh picture chhodna chahti hai. (We got to know at the end moment, 10 days before her schedule that she wants to leave the film)”

After a minimal pause he also added, “We said of course, if you don’t want to do it, don’t do it. Uss waqt kuch alag reason diye gaye the hume (We were given another reason then..) ” Salman hesitated to speak after this and the reporter went on to push him by asking if he will attend her marriage.

He then said, “Theek hai aap samjte hai! (I know you understood!) Reason shayad shadi ka bhi hoga, jo bhi reason hai, shadi ka reason ho, ya picture ka reason ho, ya unko India main nahi kaam karna, ya mere saath nahi kaam karna, sirf Hollywood film aur TV show karna hai, wo unka reason hai. (Whatever it is, her wedding, Hollywood film or the fact that she does not want to work with me, it’s her reasons.) We are really happy and supportive about her doing good work.”

“Agar yahan pe kaam nahi kare to kya hua, waha pe toh woh Hindustan ka naam roshan kar rahi hai. Agar Salman Khan ke saath kaam nahi karna, waha ke kisi bade hero ke saath kaam kar rahi hai to Hindustan ka naam to roshan hota hai na (If she doesn’t want to work here, there in Hollywood she is making our country proud. If she doesn’t want to work with Salman Khan, she’ll work with a big actor in Hollywood and make our country proud,” Salman concluded.

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