Quite a few stars in the Mumbai film industry have expressed their displeasure about the term “Bollywood” in the past. Salman Khan just joined the club. Salman Khan began his anti-Bollywood rant on Twitter.com by saying, “Hate this bloody name, Bollywood, koi naam hai kya? Disgusting.” An annoyed Salman continued,  “Hollywood se Bollywood naam nikla, this is not the name of our industry. Bollywood was for when Mumbai was called Bombay toh kya should it not be called Mumllywood? How ridiculous is it? It makes us look like chamchas. One of the 1st film productions was called Bombay Talkies so call it that or Mumbai Talkies, or Indian cinema. Call it anything but not Bollywood.”

Salman Khan: "Hate This Bloody Name, Bollywood. Disgusting"

Soon Salman had his Twitter followers suggesting names for the film industry that produces as many as 250 films every year. Finally, the actor zeroed in on the term ‘hi fi’. “Just got a super tweet saying that it should be called hi fi which stands for Hindi film industry. Cool name,” he said. Let’s see if Salman uses the chosen term, ‘hi fi’, in his next interview!

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Previously, Priyanka Chopra, Abhishek and Amitabh Bachchan have also mentioned how they prefer the term ‘Indian Film Industry’ to the all-encompassing term, Bollywood.

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