Salman Khan has taken to the Internet like fish to water. After blogging for his latest film, Veer, the Bollywood hunk has now joined the micro-blogging website, Twitter, and has amassed as many as 25,000 followers in just a couple of days. And he’s enjoying the conversation – dishing out bodybuilding tips, warning people against drunken driving and even answering questions about Katrina Kaif.

The actor, who is known to guard his private life zealously, said on April 14, “Katrina Kaif not on Twitter yet,” indicating the possibility that she might join in soon. The actor also advised his fans against the ills of drunken driving, saying, “No daaru. If daaru then no driving, riding, fighting.”

The actor also gave a few body-building tips to his followers. “Eat very little carbs, work out hard with somebody in the gym who’s body you like, follow him or her,” tweeted the actor.


On April 22, the actor added, “Cut carbs and train hard , just don’t injure your self and do your best to outgrow your hero. Only way to grow.”

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