Superstar Salman Khan has done it again. The actor who is known for short tempered attitude was seen playing hot headed all over again. It all happened on the sets of Salman Khan’s upcoming film Jai Ho that the actor lost his cool. The actor was busy shooting for the film when a few photo journalists trespassed into the sets of the film.

Salman Khan
Salman Khan

Miffed with the barging in the media personnels, Salman director his brother Sohail Khan to take away their cameras and delete all the on the sets pictures they had clicked. The cameras were returned to the media people only after the film’s shoot was done with.

Though it is easy to slam Salman as being brash, the actor was correct in pointing that tabloid glitterati journalism in India often defies common etiquette of seeking permission before barging in to an actor’s work place disrupting the harmonious work environment there.

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