Bollywood star Salman Khan, who has a significant fan following among the masses of India and more than a hundred thousand followers on the micro-blogging website, Twitter, has asked his fans to ignore his random mumblings and make a life of their own.

The Wanted star, who was last seen in as a medieval warrior in Veer, doesn’t want his fans to be just common fans. Salman penned his thoughts on his micro-blog, “I don’t want fans who wouldn’t surpass their heroes. I hate it, detest it that the youth (just) follow. Please lead, I don’t care if I don’t have even one fan or follower… just don’t want to see you waste your life.”

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Salman even seems to be having second thoughts about being on Twitter. “I came in to connect and now I feel that I am disconnecting you from the real world, and if that’s the case, to hell with this. I am dipping (sic) out,” he wrote to his 138,819-odd followers on Twitter. The star further asked followers to ignore his tweets and random pictures and work on their own lives.

But the actor had a complaint too. “I am so angry with guys who sell my number to fans (emphasis added) and upset with the fans to buy it and keep calling. Please don’t be that crazy about anyone but yourself. Be a hero and not a fan.”

Well said, we say!

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