Priya Malik, who has been evicted from the controversial reality show Bigg Boss Nau, says superstar Salman Khan is the most unbiased reality TV show host.


In the past, some of the show’s contestants have called Salman biased for allegedly having favoured certain participants. Asked if that was true, Priya told IANS: “No, I wouldn’t say so… I would not call him biased at all. In fact, he is one of the most unbiased reality TV show host that you can find on the planet. He says it like it is, and some people can’t digest it.”

Priya, popularly known as Posh Spice of Australian TV, added that the whole “Bigg Boss Nau” house looks forward to the “Dabangg” star’s weekend episodes “because we know he would bring fairness and justice to the house. He brings up things from his perspective and also the audience’s perspective”.

Salman Khan and Priya Malik in a still from 'Bigg Boss 9'
Salman Khan and Priya Malik in a still from ‘Bigg Boss 9’

The show features celebrity contestants in a game of survival wherein they are locked up under 24X7 camera surveillance in an isolated house for around three months without the luxuries they are used to.




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