Guess how much Salman Khan charged Boney Kapoor for Wanted? Rs. 7 crore only!

And now, less than two years later, guess what Boney has paid one of the most wanted actors as just the signing amount for the sequel of No Entry? Well, Salman has received Rs. 10 crore (Rs. 100 million) by way of signing amount for No Entry Mein Entry. Anees Bazmee, who had directed the blockbuster, No Entry, will, of course, also direct the sequel for which he has been paid a signing amount of Rs. 5 crore.

Salman Khan

Like the title for the sequel? Any suggestions for a more appealing title? Write to us with alternatives you can think of. Maybe, the producer just might like it. You will, of course, get credit for the creative input.

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