Ram Gopal Varma lashed out at superstar Shah Rukh Khan saying that he might lose his star status to Salman Khan just like Kamal Haasan did to Rajinikanth.


He also questioned SRK’s movie selection process saying that he “should learn from Kamal’s mistakes and just be Salman”.

In a series of tweets, RGV took digs at Shah Rukh’s recent decision to turn into an obsessed fan in Fan and also upcoming Aanand L. Rai’s project in which he will be seen as a dwarf. He also hinted at Kamal’s “Appu Raja“.

He shared: “Megastar SRK becoming ordinary fan, dwarf etc is as big a same blunder as what Kamal Haasan did to lose his stardom to Rajinikanth (Salman Khan). Kamal was as big a superstar as Rajinikanth till he started doing dwarf, fat, tall etc and as a fan I hope SRK doesn’t listen to wrong advisers.”

Hope SRK will remain like himself like Salman: RGV
Hope SRK will remain like himself like Salman: RGV

RGV added, “SRK must learn from mistakes of Kamal and not listen to near and dear ones who are stopping him from becoming a Mega Rajinikanth.”

“I call SRK as megastar because neither (he) has muscles of Salman nor workmanship of Aamir (Khan) but yet he is taller than both by being just himself. Rajinikanth is Rajinikanth because he always himself and Kamal always trying to be someone else. I hope SRK will remain like himself like Salman. Kamal could have been a better Rajinikanth if he didn’t keep becoming someone else … so SRK should learn from Kamal’s mistakes and just be Salman”.

The “Aag” director also shared that “great actors” are available in abundance, but being a star comes as a blessing.

He shared: “Great actors are dime a dozen in NSD, stage etc whereas stars like SRK come blessed by God/Allah/Buddha etc, which is what SRK is not realising. Clint Eastwood super star for 30 years being himself and then is critics Hero. I don’t believe in God but as fan I pray to Allah SRK realises truth”.




  1. Who said Kamal is trying to be someone else? Appu Raja (Apoorva Sagotharargal) and Dashavathaaram are all blockbuster movies. Kamal is a versatile actor and can fit any role easily. From the early days, both of them were super stars in their own way and one was never inferior to the other. They have their fans still following now. Please do not write anything as you like just for the sake of writing. Why should SRK learn from Kamal’s mistakes? Kamal tries to venture in different roles and give different stories. He acts as per his age too. They are super stars like MGR and Sivaji Ganesan in the good olden days. In the industry, even now, Kamal and Rajini are good friends and appreciate each other’s hard work and calibre.

    • I do agree… Kamal is no less superstar even today and has proven himself time and again by showing diversity

  2. SRK and Kamal are actors .Salman and Rakini can be only superstars. After decades of acting Rajini was able to win 2 Filmfare awards and salman had non other than best supporting actor award.Kamal has won 17 filmfare awards as well as 4 Natiional awards.SRK is the highest awards ner in bollywood.An actor should be an actor not a star.Star is a plus.


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