Ranveer Singh is all set to play the role of the lead antagonist in his next, titled Padmavati. He will be portraying the role of one of history’s most evil men, Alauddin Khilji.


Considering the love for perfection that director Sanjay Leela Bhansali has, Ranveer will have to truly transform himself for this role. In order to get the right kind of darkness to his role, the actor has been reading about dark rulers from history and is even going through material on Hitler.

Alauddin Khilji was known to be a tyrant and his army is known to have tortured, raped and subjected violent treatment to a lot of Indians.

Ranveer Singh's prep for Khilji
Ranveer Singh’s prep for Khilji

According to a source, “Ranveer is prepping his body language, mannerisms, diction and physique. He is holed up in his Goregaon apartment and has himself off from people. For many hours in the day, he transforms into Khilji working on his dialogues and diction.”

The source adds that Ranveer is going the Aamir way as the actor is known to transform into various characters for his different films.

“From intense workouts, to reading, research and diction training, Ranveer is going the extra mile to become Alauddin Khilji. After Befikre, he had to build up a different kind of body for Padmavati which is more powerful and big built. He works out for almost three hours every day. His benchmark to play this iconic, villainous historical character is very high; and therefore, this has become the toughest role that he has ever tackled!”




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