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Cast: Ranveer Singh, Vaani Kapoor

Director/Producer: Aditya Chopra


befikre Review

Rating: 2.5/5 Stars (Two and half stars)

Star Cast: Ranveer Singh, Vaani Kapoor

Director: Aditya Chopra

Befikre Poster
Befikre Poster

What’s Good: Befikre makes up for a breezy watch. A rom-com that is flawed but keeps you entertained.

What’s Bad: Befikre’s plot has many loopholes and also finds inspiration from numerous other rom coms.

Loo Break: Interval should be enough

Watch or Not?: Befikre is for the young and restless. It is a typical rom com that is meant for people who love the ‘ghisa pita’ romance that mostly defies logic.

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Dharam (Ranveer Singh) is a stand-up comedian at a club in Paris. On his first tour in Paris, he meets Shyra (Vaani Kapoor), her electrical energy and carefree nature, draws Dharam towards her and within no time the two hit it off. What starts as a ‘I dare you’ romance, soon turns into a year old relationship that becomes an emotional baggage. The two part ways, only to meet again and this time, try their hands at being “just friends”.

While the friendship is only getting them closer again, Shyra meets Anay, an equally crazy yet sorted investment banker. He falls in love with Shyra and she is left with the decision of marrying him. On other hand, Dharam too is involved with someone else in a non-serious relationship. Not liking Anay’s proximity towards Shyra, will Dharam realize his feelings?

Are Shyra and Dharam over eachother to move on with their respective marriages is what is left to see.

Befikre Review
Befikre Review

Befikre Review: Script Analysis

Aditya Chopra’s Befikre, created a stir with the film’s sizzling trailer. While one would have expected a ‘No Strings Attached‘ replica, Befikre surprisingly has much more in store than just the innumerable kisses.

The film deals with modern day relationships and how individuals today are lost in translation of concepts such as commitment, acceptance and the ultimate leap of faith that love is. Yes, Dharam’s character comes across as an extremely shallow person whose only aim seems to be to ‘score’. His childish behavior at many junctures has been oddly termed as his ‘Delhi’ attitude and that’s sort of a turn off, generalizing all Delhi lads like that.

Shyra on the other hand prefers to be called French, who has Indian parents. She is shown to have been brought up in a liberal set up which is expected to be a justification for her frank behavior.

The first half of the film is light-hearted. It moves through Dharam and Shyra’s past and present relationship. We do reminisce a little bit of an Imtiaz Ali film feel here.

While Chopra gives us a picture of the fragile modern day relationships, he also brings back the typical YRF romance in the second half and especially towards the end.

When it comes to the plot, had there been no Paris set up, one could have said it is a Love Aaj kal repeat.

The second half slips too much in terms of logic. The story drags towards the climax and is a reminder of how the lead characters have hardly matured in spite of their colorful past.

Dialogues such as “Love ka weight ye duniya bhi nai jhel sakti” and “Pyaar bunjee jumping ki tarah hai” are conceptually powerful and also important in the scenes that have them.

All in all, it is a script that is borrowed from several other films, packaged as a Parisian romance.

Befikre Review: Star Performance

Ranveer Singh is an actor who manages to overshadow everybody else on screen. He is perfect as the irritatingly childish and shallow Delhi desperado. In terms of performance, his opening scene is extremely poor but later he manages to keep you entertained with his goofy acts and promises a laughter ride.

Vaani Kapoor tries hard to impress us with her performance. Unfortunately, it is her recently ‘fixed’ face and her average dialogue delivery put you off. Nonetheless, her dance moves and French are appreciable.

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