Ranveer had earlier told Koimoi how shaving off his hair will be a tough thing for him but now that it’s done and we have seen it first hand, it wasn’t hard to make out how easily the look suits him. The look is quite clashing with his Kill Dil promotions, but it was extremely essential for him to be able to feel like a character which belongs to an era we have learnt only from history books.


Speaking of it, Ranveer told us, “Shaving my head was necessary for me, to be able to get into the character completely. They were going to delay the ‘mundan’ but it was necessary in my prep stage to begin feeling like my character. It is good to look in the mirror and see somebody else, see another character. The feeling that you are getting into the skin of somebody else seeps in. Invariably the starting point of the preparation for any character is to begin looking like the character. I always ask the team to send outfits. For instance, with Bajirao, the minute you put on the armor and the regal clothes, your demeanor changes. Your posture immediately takes shape of the character’s. It’s the same with all films I have done besides Zoya’s because hers in an urban contemporary film. For Kill Dil too, I asked for the boots and leather jackets. I need to know how to walk around in the shoes and how to move in the leather jackets. For my character in this film, I wanted a loose body language. This is invariably the starting point for me and then it starts flowing from there.”

Ranveer Singh
Ranveer Singh

Ranveer has a self professed love for exploring the various things about his looks and he never shirks from changing it boldly. He agrees, “The voice, the energy, the body language is all what I like to experiment with each character. More than anything, it’s for myself that I must look and feel different. I don’t get excited when I see actors repeating themselves. They act like themselves in every film. I like what they do but after a point you know what to expect. For me, it is always more exciting to see actors whom I don’t know what to expect from. Daniel Day Lewis is someone who is the paragon of what I would like to achieve. Moving forward should be starker and starker. People shouldn’t be watching Ranveer on screen but his character and the variety should be so high that people can’t believe the that I am the same guy giving them the wide range. People shouldn’t believe in the first shot that I am the same guy from Kill Dil who has done a Lootera and will now be seen in a Bajirao Mastani.”

But he has earlier always revealed his look for films. Why is he taking special care to be discreet now? He smiles and adds, “I have been mandated by Mr Bhansali to not walk around bare headed and to keep it covered. If I am going to be bald for a year and it’s being done for a film and it is one of those rare occasions when I will be shaving off my head. He doesn’t want people to get tired of the look. Only during Bajirao Promotions will I walk around with my head uncovered.”

Ranveer Singh and Priyanka Chopra have begun shooting for Bajirao Mastani and will soon be joined by Deepika Padukone in a month or two. Deepika, fresh out of Happy New Year‘s success, will shoot for Imtiaz Ali’s film Tamasha with Ranbir Kapoor first before immersing herself as Bajirao’s Mastani.

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