‘Art and love are the same thing; it’s the process of seeing yourself in things that are not you’. If you meet a madly passionate actor, he will make the statement ring true. Ranveer Singh is definitely one of those few, who can bring out the essence of it in its entirety. Despite beginning on a note that took off from critical wrath, the actor has come in a long way in less than 10 films with audiences and critics both falling irrevocably in love with him. But his love is the nation’s erstwhile heartthrob Govinda. Singh cannot contain his excitement, his eyes beaming with joy as he speaks about his idol.


In an interview with Koimoi, he told us, “I can give you 50 reasons to watch the film mostly for the Masterclass that Govinda is. Why wouldn’t he do 5 films a year? I have no idea why were we deprived of his immense talent. He is mesmerizing. It’s credit to his mastery over his craft. I have worked with him, I have observed how his method works. He comes to the set and he doesn’t know what the hell you are shooting that day and he doesn’t even care. He will come on the set, fully dressed. He will ask around for a little background. In five minutes straight, he easily has his lines memorized. And maximum needed 3 takes to perfect his scene; he hasn’t taken more in the entire film for anything.”

Govinda and Ranveer Singh in a still from movie 'Kill Dil'
Govinda and Ranveer Singh in a still from movie ‘Kill Dil’

He further adds, “From the reaction, you know he has done a fab job but the good performance is another level brilliant when you experience it on a big screen, you see the look in his eyes, the nuances he has brought to himself, that’s when you understand what he was doing so simply on set was actually so powerful. You can’t get your eyes off him. When you’re in the same frame as him you know no one is watching you. You stay affixed to Govinda. He is truly magnetic. For me, I was just so happy. This is not something he has never done before and believe me, he is one hell of a villain. He has always been a light hearted hero but the menace he brings to screen is fearsome. He is sheer brilliance.”

Ranveer Singh or Parineeti Chopra or even Govinda himself can’t stop gushing about the eight minute long monologue which is the film’s highlight point. Describing it Ranveer said, “There is a scene that will go down in acting classes. This is how you take a monologue and graph it. He delivers it with full commitment and conviction. Every sentence is said differently, and he makes it his own. With minimal brief that day, in first take he goes information eight minutes and the whole unit converged on the sets, we laughed, cried, applauded. He killed that scene and he killed me. I am in the scene too. Govinda is back in one biggish way. I will rate Govinda amongst the 10 most fascinating actors in the world. He is no less than Sean Penn and Daniel Day Lewis. Give Govinda a director like Martin Scorsese and you see what he does.”

Kill Dil promotions are on currently and the film’s cast comprising of Parineeti, Ranveer along with Ali Zafar and Govinda are cherishing their last few days of the ‘big party’ that the film evidently was. Kill Dil directed by Shaad Ali will release this Friday and will mark the beginning of Govinda’s new innings in the industry.

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