D-Day was the day of Operation Neptune, the morning of 6th June 1944 when the Allied forces commenced their assault on German forces at Normandy which ultimately resulted in a decisive Allied victory. D-Day also refers to an important day chosen for a life changing activity.


For Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh the D-Day(s) is the 14th and 15th of November 2018. Speculation of quite some time has now been confirmed. The hottest couple in the Indian Hindi film industry, Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are indeed getting married.

While wishing the couple a happy wedded life, lets go on a trivia journey of the 4 movies in which they have acted together.

Goliyon Ki Raasleela – Ram Leela

Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s epic movie was based of Shakespeare’s Romeo Juliet. Pakistan actor Imran Abbas was the original choice for the role of Ram but due to contractual issues he could not accept and it was Ranveer who got the role- and did full justice, so much so its difficult to think of anyone else in it. Similarly Deepika played the role originally envisaged for Kareena. She ended up getting best actress award with a stunning performance.

Ranveer was required to build up his body for the movie and apart from quitting alcohol for well over a year, he took the help of celebrity trainer Kris Gethin who apart from others had helped Hrithik Roshan and Jon Abraham develop their physique. On sets too a gym was there to ensure that Ranveer maintains his physique.

The movie was a huge hit and crossed 110 crores at the box office. Dubbed a violent love story, Ranveer and Deepika were from two warring factions. Originally they were named the Jadeja and Rabari community but after public opposition the names were changed to Saneda and Rajari. After the two lovers sacrifice themselves the two communities make peace with each other.

Finding Fanny

This movie can be described in one word- Quirky. It explores in a comical car journey five idiosyncratic characters, one of whom is Deepika who plays the female lead. The movie also stars Naseeruddin Shah, Dimple, Arjun Kapoor and Pankaj Kapoor. Originally Rishi Kapoor was supposed to play the role which was played by Pankaj Kapoor.


Ranveer has a cameo in the movie as Deepika’s husband who dies on their wedding day. The director Homi Adajania says that Ranveer was a friend and one day while they were discussing the movie he said he will play the role of Deepika’s husband. His shoot was over in half a day but since they were having so much fun he stayed on for a week afterwards. As it was a minuscule role he did not charge for the movie.

Bajirao Mastani

This blockbuster historical romance, also by Sanjay Leela Bhansali crossed 184 crores at the box office. Ranveer who got the best Actor award played the role of Peshwa Bajirao while Deepika plays the role of his second wife. Priyanka Chopra also stars in the movie and won Filmfare best supporting actress for her role. Deepika took special Kathak lessons as well as sword-fighting lessons for the movie while Ranveer learnt horse riding. Both learnt the ancient martial arts Kalaripayattu while Priyanka too learnt ancient Marathi for the movie.

Unconfirmed reports are that Bhansali wanted Salman Khan and Aishwarya to star in this movie.


Sanjay Leela Bhansali repeated the duo in Padmavaat, and this was his costliest movie, the budget of which was over 200 crores. However it grossed 550 crores worldwide to be one of the biggest box office hits in the history of Indian cinema.

Deepika enacts the role of Rani Padmavati who is married to Rajput ruler Maharawal Ratan Singh, played by Shahid Kapoor. It is once again a stunning performance from her, playing the role of the beautiful and highly intelligent queen.

Ranveer plays the role of Alauddin Khilji who is obsessed with Rani Padmavati’s looks. For Ranveer, playing an evil ruler was a challenge. He read about dark rulers like Hitler. He shut himself off in his apartment to transform himself into the tyrant who is evil without any justification for his evilness. He also worked out more than 3 hours daily to transform himself into a powerful warrior. After shooting was over he had to take psychiatric help to get back to normalcy.

These are the 4 movies of the dashing duo so far. Wishing them a happy married life and hoping to see them together in many more movies.



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