Enjoying the success of her comeback film Hichki, actress Rani Mukerji says that she has always been instinctive in choosing her films.

At press conference to mark the success of the film which sees her portraying an aspiring teacher, who suffers from Tourette syndrome and educating slum kids, Rani, asked about her future projects and role selection, said, “I have always been instinctive in choosing my films, right from the start of career till now.”

Have always been instinctive in choosing my films, says Rani Mukerji
Rani Mukerji Says She Has Always Been Instinctive In Choosing Her Films!

“Last 22 years, I think I have chosen scripts which have been emotionally connected to me, where I have thought that this is a story which needs to be told and secondly the character which has been offered to me, can I relate to it as Rani?”

About the compliments she has been getting for her role, Rani said, “Everything has been special for me. All the teachers are taking different grades of students now, you know, one-day fourth grade, one-day fifth grade, one-day sixth grade, and getting to know all the students, I mean for me there is nothing better than that.

“And the fact that teachers have understood, what the movie stands for and it inspired them and they themselves are taking the students to watch the film… I think that is the biggest victory for us. The film is a tribute to teachers and they have accepted the film whole heartily, I don’t think there could be a bigger compliment than that.”

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