In an interview with Editor Komal Nahta, Ranbir Kapoor talks about his father, living up to the Kapoor legacy, moving on after Deepika Padukone. He also shares his experience of shooting for his forthcoming film, Rockstar.


I’m A Little Scared Of My Dad

Ranbir Kapoor acknowledges that he’s intimidated by his father, Rishi Kapoor. “I’m a little scared of my dad. We never had a friendly relationship. Now that I’m working, it’s a bit better. He’s the only person in life who intimidates me.” Even working with Rishi Kapoor in an television advertisement did not help things and Ranbir had cold feet before the ad shoot, he confesses.

 Father Is My Critic, Mother Is My Fan

“My father has not liked me in any of my films. He has never openly appreciated me. I hope some day he’ll appreciate me,” says Ranbir. He goes a step further and reveals, “I never look into his eyes when I speak to him, I look down whenever we talk.” But RK doesn’t mind being called a mama’s boy. “My mom (Neetu Kapoor) is my biggest fan. She’ll clap and whistle when she sees my shows. She never criticizes me; her only complaint is that my face looks fat.”

Komal Nahta with Ranbir Kapoor

Living Up To The Legacy

“I want to live up to my grandfather Raj Kapoor’s name. I am so inspired by them (his grandfather, father and uncles) but I want to move out of their shadow and achieve much more.”

Brickbats & Laurels

“I faced a lot of backlash last year especially with articles about this Casanova image of mine. But there are good times and bad times. But again, I’ve always got more than I deserve. My first film was a commercial and critical disaster. Yet, I got good opportunities from big banners and good producers.”

I Want To Go Beyond The Khans

“The three Khans are today’s stars but I want to go beyond all of them. I want to achieve much more. I’ve been hearing that I’m the next big thing for quite some time now. But I believe that you’re either a superstar or you’re not. I’m not a superstar but one day I will be.”

Ranbir Kapoor in a still from Rockstar.

Working With Deepika

Ranbir emphasizes that he and Deepika Padukone have moved on after their relationship. “I don’t think it will be awkward working with Deepika (in Ayan Mukerji’s Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani). We both have moved on. We were in a relationship for one and a half years. I think we will be able to get rid of the baggage.”  He adds that he hasn’t had a relationship since the one with Deepika.

On Rockstar

“My role in Rockstar (as Janardhan/Jordan) was the role of a lifetime. I got to work with A.R. Rahman, Imtiaz Ali and Shammi Kapoor. Rockstar is a little closer to me (than the rest of my films) because I’m quite fond of Imtiaz Ali and Nargis Fakhri. I learnt to play the guitar for the film. We used to go to Rahman sir’s studio to record each song so that I got the proper feel of the song. I’m very positive about the film because it has an original story. And the way Sadda Haq and Kun Faaya Kun have caught on is really very good.”

Drawbacks Of Working In The Industry

“One has to focus on one’s  journey. The industry is not a sunshine place. You have to work very hard and sacrifice a lot. Your personal life takes a backseat. You don’t get time to spend with your friends or parents. You almost become a gypsy.”




  1. Of course, you can go long way then the Khan’s. Guys, just remember how many flops and disaster the Khans have given in the beginning only now they are better by the grace of Karan Johar, Yash Chopra etc. Khan are nothing. You will go long long way.

  2. Think of overcoming the “khans” later..First prove that you have the quality of existing in the industry for so long.Without your surname,how well you would have fared ,i really doubt..!!

  3. Ranbir Kapoor, you have your family’s supportive legacy & the name, and you have the charm, and you bring that ‘wow’ expression on people’s face.
    But you still need to work hard, really hard, to bring the smile that Shahrukh and Aamir’s movie performances leave, even after the show.
    You need to communicate with the audience while performing in your movie.
    I don’t know where will you be in comparison to SRK & AK, but if you bring that smile, that is more than enough for the people, who do not really care, how many awards you get and how much was cash collection of your movies and all such things.
    I see Imran Khan, Ranveer Singh and you as the ones with the great potential. As of today (2011 Nov), Ranveer Singh tops, but his movie count is too small to compare with two of you.
    Must say, ‘Rockstar’ shows truly rocking performance from you, as expected.
    So, good luck, and do entertain us, and I promise to see your worth movies in the cinema hall.


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