Kareena Kapoor at an Event
Kareena Kapoor at an Event

We all heard a lot about Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Ram Leela, slipping away from Bebo Kareena Kapoor and landing in Miss Fine Legs; Deepika Padukone’s court. What we heard was disparity over monetary issues, but what we didn’t get to hear was Bebo’s denial to sign the pregnancy clause. Surprised!


The film contracts in today’s era are iron-fisted, picky and rigid, where some clauses are way too dissimilar from those that use to appear, say, about a decade ago, which only centered around, the remuneration, number of days of shooting, in how many installments would the payment be made etc. But the tables have turned certainly and clauses like actors not accompanying with anyone else other than staff members; for actresses about not creating havoc about kissing or any other bold scene, agreeing to wear any kind of clothes, as per the demand of the script, not denying to any do any revealing act, etc.; even the duration of attending phone calls on shooting locations is time-specified and many others are throwing spotlight on the business angle all filmmakers are keeping in mind.

Some contracts also read as the actress will not get pregnant during the actual shooting of the film. Now this is where Kareena disagreed and refused to sign the contract. The memories are afresh still about Aishwarya Rai being de-casted from Madhur Bhandarkar’s dream project Heroine; which now seems to be no different from his previous flicks; on terms of pregnancy clause, as she got pregnant and had to lay her hands off the film. But Bebo said a straight-away no-no to Bhansali and didn’t sign the contract. Result, Deepika Padukone being casted for her role.

Saifeena’s marriage is just round the corner, so Sanjay’s fear of her leading lady getting pregnant in the due course of principal shooting left him alarmed, so he mentioned the clause, but Bebo’s candor, led him to opt her out.

B-town producers and filmmakers are heading towards a more stringent B.H.A i.e Business Headed Attitude.




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