‘Department’ disaster hasn’t deterred Ram Gopal Varma. Just when one had started feeling that the chips were indeed down for the maverick director, he has gone ahead and shot a one full schedule of his next film ‘26/11’. Not just that he has also put together an edited portion of the film which is pleasing its presenters Eros no less.

Ram Gopal Varma
Ram Gopal Varma

“After the debacle of ‘Department‘ many felt that it would take some time before Ramu would be able to rise on his feet all over again. His outburst against Sanjay Dutt had hogged more headlines than what film’s reviews had fetched. The ‘tamasha’ went on for an entire week and everyone in the industry, media as well as ‘aam junta’ had the field day. However none of it was too pleasing for the filmmaker since there was a sword hanging on the fate of his next film ’26/11′”, says a source.

This was the time when rumours had started floating that Eros had pulled the plug on 26/11 and refused to present it any more. It was also been stated that the film’s shooting had come on a standstill and Ramu was left with no other choice but to begin some other film.

“Rubbish”, the source adds, “’26/11′ was never shelved. In fact even before ‘Department‘ had released, Ramu had already started shooting for ’26/11′. He is a smart guy. He always has his plans well in place and now that he is ready with the outcome, even though it is just a teaser of what the film would eventually offer, there is a definite go ahead on ’26/11’. It is definitely being made and don’t be surprised if Ramu ends up readying and releasing the film before end of year.”

No wonder, the producers have already started singing praises about the film. Commented Krishika Lulla of Eros, “Yes, Eros is presenting ’26/11′. Ramu has shown us 11 minutes of the film and it is really hard hitting. The film will take audience to the zone of tears that were felt on 26/11.”

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