Shocking and surprising as it can be, Indian comedian and artist Rajpal Yadav has been taken into custody for ten days because he and his wife tried concealing facts and reports of rupees 5 crore recovery suit, that was filed against them by a Delhi based entrepreneur, M.G.Agarwal. Agarwal, the owner of Murli projects had given Yadav a sum of 5 crore rupees while he decided to make his own film, Aata Pata Lapata.


The film, released way back in 2012 and did not fare quite well and hence the actor did not earn the revenue out of it. What happened post that was Rajpal Yadav and his wife kept on failing court summons and disrespected the law by not appearing before Justice S.Muralidhar although they were informed repeatedly about the same. The court even warned them of issuing a Non-Bailable-Warrant, on account of which they will have to be present during the court proceedings.

Rajpal Yadav at an event
Rajpal Yadav at an event

The court issued a contempt of court allegation against the two lawyers who were representing Rajpal Yadav and his wife. Despite repeated attempts, Rajpal’s wife chose to stay away from the hearing although Yadav made an appearance before lunch time. They have been constantly breaching the law and being unable to even arrive at a decision of how they would like to repay the loan, the court has asked Rajpal Yadav to stay in custody until the next hearing. The court even called for his bank details and statements including his debit and credit statement of the last three years along with the payments that is due to him as of now.

As Rajpal suffers a big jolt and his movie might have shuddered deep down, we can only say that this is what happens, when you have no Aata, Paata and u go completely Lapaata from court proceedings. Duh!

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