Raj Kapoor Never Forgave Ashok Kumar For A Weird Reason, Read On
Raj Kapoor Didn’t Forgive Ashok Kumar For This Reason (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

Bollywood’s iconic star Ashok Kumar also fondly known as Dadamumi is known for some of his classic hits such as Achut Kanya (1936), Bandhan (1939), Kismet (1943), Mahal (1949), Parineeta (1953), Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi (1958) and many more of his amazing movies.


The iconic actor was born in the Ganguly family and was the elder brother to Kishore Kumar. He started his acting career in the year 1936 with the movie Jeevan Naiya.


Ashok Kumar has many anecdotes associated with him just like his brother, the one tale of his life that is still remembered is when he ended up coming in the bad books of Raj Kapoor at his wedding with Krishna Malhotra. It is something that Ashok was never forgotten for.

Ashok Kumar’s daughter Bharti Jaffery had once opened up about this situation and told Quint that, “Papa was there, of course. And when he went up to congratulate the couple, the bride, Krishnaji, lifted up her ghunghat to gasp, ‘Oh it’s Ashok Kumar. I’m so happy!’ Raj Kapoor never forgave him for upstaging him at his wedding.”

The Khoobsurat star was married to Shobha Devi and they had four children, whom they named Bharti, Rupa, Preeti, and Aroop respectively.

During a conversation in an interview that happened in the 90s, Ashok remembered how his marriage came about so suddenly. “It happened suddenly. When I entered the film industry, marriage proposals stopped coming because the boy was in films. So one day, I got a telegram from my father to come immediately to Khandwa.”

Nonetheless, while on the train he was told that they were going to Calcutta, which left him utterly confused. Later it was revealed to him that he was going to get married.

Ashok had also revealed the secret to keeping his wife happy. “I used to come home early. When I became a hero and producer Himanshu Rai told me that girls would be after me. I said ‘Isn’t that a good thing?’ He said, ‘No that’s not a good thing. You keep the home and hearth burning. You go home by 6:30.’ We promised (haath milao). So I would go home by 6:30, and my wife was very happy.”

Ashok Kumar passed away in 2001 at the age of 90.

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