Ever since the theatrical trailer of Raid starring Ajay Devgn in lead was launched, people started drawing comparisons with Akshay Kumar’s Special 26. And why not, both the films revolved around the high-profile Raids that took place back in the past. That apart, the script of both the films were inspired by true stories. But well, the comparisons end right here.

While Special 26 was in-fact a heist, Raid, on the other hand, speaks about the hardships that the family of an income tax officer faces due to his honesty. The template of the film is very much like Singham, which spoke about an honest police officer and the price paid by him and his family due to a tiff with a powerful politician of Goa.

Raid vs Special 26
Raid vs Special 26

Special 26 was essentially a thriller, which appealed to the metro-centric audience of our country. Having watched the trailer as well the song, it would not be wrong to say that the prime target of Raid would be the audience at the B and C centres as the business in the metros would majorly be dependant on the word of mouth.

In the past, Ajay Devgn confirmed that the screenplay of Raid has a lot of humour and we got to see a glimpse of the same even in the theatrical trailer of Raid. If the humour strikes the chord with the audience, the business of Raid would be much higher than Special 26 owing to a better universal appeal.

It has often been said that a similar story can be narrated differently by different people and that’s the case here. To sum it up, the major difference between Raid and Special 26 lies in the screenplay which has been written keeping a different set of audience in mind, whereas the similarities would be

1. Based on income tax Raids

2. Based on true story

Raid is said to be inspired by the life of an Income Tax officer, who conducted several Raid’s in the 80’s which included the houses of Businessman and Politician. The film is expected to embark on a fair start at the box office. The trade expectations from the opening day of Raid is 8 crore, and with a positive word of mouth, it is expected to escalate over the weekend.

According to our sources, the All India Distribution Rights of the film have been sold for approximately 38 – 40 crore. Directed by Rajkumar Gupta, Raid is slated to release on 16th March, 2018.

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