R Madhavan's Old Joke On Muslim Men Resurfaces, Twitter Slams The Actor
R Madhavan Gets Slammed By Twitteratti Over His Old Joke On ‘Islamophobia’ ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

One of the versatile and talented actors of the film industry R Madhavan is once again on the news, and not for good reasons. Once, the actor cracked a joke on Muslim men and having multiple wives at an event. Now, that video resurfaced on Twitter which irked the fans. Scroll below to find out how the actor is getting slammed for his old joke.

Controversies have always been a part and parcel of every celeb’s life. Madhavan, who has worked dedicatedly towards the Indian cinema and given back-to-back hit films, has now landed into a controversy over his polygamy and Muslim men joke. Internet users lashed out at him for ‘Islamophobia’.



Businessman Harsh Goenka recently reshared the old video of R Madhavan where he can be seen sharing a joke with the audience. In the video, the actor can be heard saying “He is a very profound doctor, a gastroenterologist and he got a call from his patient Mr Abdul and he said ‘Doctor saab, my wife is very very ill. She is in big pain, she has a stomach ache and she cannot sit. Can I come over to your clinic?’ The doctor said, ‘Yes, by all means’. And, like all patients today, Abdul had done his research he has gone to the internet and said usko ye ho sakta hai wo ho sakta hai.”

R Madhavan further added, “The doctor asked him not to worry. He checked her, and then told him ‘Let me tell you, she has an infected appendix. So I have to do a surgery and she will be fine. The surgery was done and she was fine. Abdul was a happy man. One year later, Abdul called the doctor again and said ‘Sir, my wife has got a stomach ache, please do the appendix operation and she will be fine’.”

Vikram Vedha actor further mentioned that when the doctor asked him to bring the patient to the clinic, Abdul insisted for the operation and not to bother any diagnosis. “The doctor finally lost it and said ‘Listen I am the doctor, let me do the diagnosis. Every human being only has one appendix and I have already taken out the appendix. So please do not tell me how to do my job’. Abdul patiently waited for the doctor to finish with his assumptions and then he shot back very meekly ‘Sir, I agree with you. Every human being can have only one appendix, but a man can have two wives, right?’” R Madhavan concluded his joke. Watch the video here:

However, as soon as the video resurfaced once again, the internet users started to slam the actor. One of them wrote, “Some are cheap despite money & ‘education’. Not having ‘class’ is issue. Level of bizmen’! Stereotypes, engrained biases. Promoting bigotry. Run or block, delete a tweet after exposed. Stammer face to face. ‘Okay so you said this’, reply ‘sir, sir’, shivering. Vomiting on SM easy.”

Another one pointed out, “Didn’t expect this from him. But as people say – a great actor may not be a great human. I have many non-muslim friends who remarried when their 1st marriage didn’t work out. Some even remarried with a few months. So this 2nd wife story is nothing but an intolerance/hatred. :(“

One of the Twitter users commented, “Why couldn’t he say the name of the patient was Dharmendra ? Why stereotype Muslims. Bigamy is more common among the Hindus as shown by the census.”

Another comment can be read as, “Because of #hatred and he’s is #Islamophobic”

Well, what are your thoughts about R Madhavan getting slammed and trolled over his old video? Let us know in the comments!

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