R. Madhavan, who won accolades for his performance in Tanu Weds Manu, is a happy man. And not just because of the success of his film, but also because he has been able to avoid a knee surgery that he was planning to undergo, after he hurt his knee while holidaying abroad.


R. Madhavan's Knee Surgery Averted

Madhavan recently threw a party for his industry friends at a Mumbai five-star to commemorate his maiden Bollywood success as a solo hero. The very next day, however, the actor was supposed to undergo a surgery for a knee injury that he had sustained while skiing abroad. Madhavan’s doctors had suggested that the actor undergo the invasive surgery, where a particular fluid was to be taken out of his knee cap. Nevertheless, Madhavan went ahead with his plan of throwing a party just a day before the surgery.

And to his pleasant surprise, when the actor went for a pre-surgery checkup, the doctor found his knee in a much better condition that before, in effect, postponing the surgery for the time being, at least. Incidentally, Madhavan was supposed to start shooting for a Tamil action film right from the next day. To be sure, he is on his way to the shooting. But what if the surgery had really happened? The actor, in all probability, would have gone ahead with the shoot even after the surgery!

So, if you guys thought that the life of a Bollywood actor was a bed of roses, think again. Or just ask Madhavan.




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