It seems to be a trend of sorts these days, if you want to get famous crack some spicy dialogues and spew some hate words towards women and their third world problems. If our politicians goofing up and talking about ‘chowmein’ resulting in rapes was not enough, here is reality TV show star Ajaz Khan coming up with a Islamic theory.

Gauahar Khan and Ajaz Khan
Gauahar Khan and Ajaz Khan

The recent event of TV host Gauhar Khan getting slapped by an audience member for wearing short clothes disgusted everyone. As the entire film industry came in support for the model-turned-actress, her ex-housemate from Bigg Boss – Season 7 – Ajaz had a different view. The actor shamelessly supported this act, calling the guy to be sexually starved and further taking a backing of religious texts stated that Islam asks women to follow a strict dress code only to safeguard them from such instances.

I don’t know what’s more ironic – the fact that men are supporting such heinous acts of violence being carried out in the open and using religious contexts as justification or the fact that actors have to stoop so low to get visibility in the market. This seemed like a cheap trick on behalf of Ajaz who wanted to gain his five minutes of fame in the burning issue.

In an industry that portrays men who wear their hearts on their sleeves and the ones who open doors for women, sadly reality seems far fetched as off-screen they turn out to be completely dead of chivalry.

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