Deepika Padukone had made it all clear about her perspective when it comes to equality in the industry. This is not it, Priyanka Chopra has also decided, to not cling with the old beliefs. We can say that the women nowadays, know their self-worth and have realized their potential. It really does not matter, from which industry a woman belongs to, what matters is recognition and realization for equality.


When it comes to our entertainment industry, be it Bollywood or Hollywood, actresses have started demanding equality. Gone are the days, where actors were the only spell for a movie to be successful. Actresses nowadays are a major contribution to the industry.

Women-centric films and the films having equal roles for both hero and heroine has become an extensive way of leading towards equality.

This Is What Priyanka Chopra Is Being Paid After Her Comeback In Bollywood
Priyanka Chopra Trumps Deepika Padukone; Get’s A HEFTY Sum For Bharat

We all know that Deepika Padukone has been the only highest paid actress in the industry till the date. In her last movie Padmaavat she charged a whopping amount, which is said to be more than both the lead actors of the film i.e.Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor.

Deepika has surely made her way into the industry, setting goals for all the women around.

Well, it is not only Deepika in the league. Apparently, a report in Mid-day suggested that  Priyanka Chopra has also demanded an amount higher than the usual norms. Priyanka’s team demanded an enormous amount of Rs 14 crore for the movie ‘Bharat’ which is her comeback movie opposite Salman Khan.


But keeping the current industry standards in the mind, the deal was closed to Rs 12crores which is equal to what Deepika charged for Padmaavat.

In an interview with an international magazine, Priyanka spoke about the indifference in the industry, she said, ““I feel it every year, especially when you’re doing movies with really big actors, whether it’s in India or America. If an actor is getting 100 bucks, the conversation will start with max, like, 8 bucks. The gap is that staggering. In America, we don’t talk about it as brashly, whereas in India the issue is not skirted around. I’ve been told straight up, if it’s a female role in a movie with big, male actors attached, your worth is not really considered as much. It happens in both countries, it’s just that here, it’s hidden behind other things. In America, everyone is so worried about being liable that they don’t want to say anything wrong, but they end up doing it anyway.”

Bharat’ will be marked as a comeback for Priyanka Chopra in Bollywood, after stealing all the hearts with her performances in Hollywood.

We will also see Disha Patani in a pivotal role in Bharat. Directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, the movie is set to hit the screens on Eid 2019.



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