The Indian media may have cast a temporary shroud on honour killings, but with Ajay Devgan’s Aakrosh in theatres, we just may find some cases reviving. Unlike his recent spate of comic flicks, Ajay has gone back to action this time and shooting for it was no child’s play. “We shot in 48 degrees of heat” says Ajay and adds with a grin, “sab masti utar jaati thi (all the pranks/fun would get drained away)”. The movie was shot in the south Indian village called Karaikudi and with the heat and humidity, the entire team would be exhausted by the end of the day.

Ajay Devgan

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While Priyadarshan is a reputed comedy film director in Bollywood, Ajay Devgan differs, “Priyan is known for his comedies in Bollywood and North India. In the south he has done a lot of films like Virasat and Gardish. I told him that I feel he does action and drama films better than comedy films.” Ajay also insists that director Priyadarshan put in a lot more effort into the movie than his comedy films, “He took a lot of time to shoot this film unlike his other films…Action films take a lot of time because it’s more about the treatment. Comedy is more of timing…”

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Though his reputation of a prankster on the sets of his movies has spread far and wide, Ajay insists that he’s an introvert and plays pranks only on close friends. It’s no wonder then that he got along quite well with a non-interfering co-star like Akshaye Khanna.

With six of his movies in theatres this year, Ajay Devgan is one star you definitely have to be on the lookout for.

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