The girl who single-handedly has won millions of heart within a day – Priya Prakash Varrier has finally opened her heart out about the instant fame, upcoming movie and much more.


In an exclusive interview with Hindustan Times, Priya was asked about how she is feeling attracting such a humongous amount of attention within hours, she said “I am very happy. Don’t know how to handle so much love. It’s completely surreal. I’m falling short of words trying to express myself. Never expected this.”

Priya Varrier Interview: "Deepika Padukone & Ranveer Singh Are My Favourites"
Priya Varrier Interview: “Deepika Padukone & Ranveer Singh Are My Favourites”

She was also asked about the clip for which she has gone viral to every internet user in the country, “The director wanted me to play with my eyebrows in a certain way. It’s a mappila song (rhythmic songs in the north Kerala tradition) that has been recreated for the film. And there’s a scene where this girl and this boy converse through expressions — and the director wanted a certain mannerism. I just followed his instruction.”


She also talked about her favourite memes from all, “That the Indian government has declared me as a national crush was quite amusing. I remember someone had said that I look ugly without make-up, and reacting to that, this boy had written how people use a variety of filters to look good, so it’s time we appreciated natural beauty.”

Since yesterday the media has been trying to reach this ‘National Crush Of India’ and she reveals how she feels about the same, “My friends are more excited than I am and they’ve been receiving message requests from people who want to get in touch with me. They’ve been sending me screenshots of these messages. In fact, my father’s colleagues also took an interest in my photos, and they were talking about it till he decided to tell them [on Monday] that it’s his daughter!”

Finally, she also reveals her favourites from Bollywood, “Working in Bollywood is a dream. My favourites are Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh,”





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