Amid the ongoing controversy on her comment on the #MeToo movement, Bollywood actress Preity Zinta said it is an encouraging step to a big change for the future as men now think twice before harassing a woman at the workplace.


“Working on Kavach safety, men said to me if women want to be safe, they should not go out. After the #MeToo movement same people are worried & say – Kal ki Sweetu aaj ki MeToo ho Sakti hai ! Now men think twice before harassing a woman at work. Isn’t Prevention better than cure? This is the power of the #MeToo movement & it’s an encouraging start to a big change for the future,” the actress said in a statement.

The controversy started when one of her video interviews went viral online where she commented on the #MeToo Movement.

Now men think twice before harassing women: Preity Zinta
Preity Zinta’s Stand On #MeToo Was FABRICATED & Here’s The Real Version!

When asked about her opinion on the #MeToo movement Preity said: “I think it is important for women and men to use it for the right thing because there are men and women that would use their position of power for their advantage. But I do feel bad when women are using it when it is not that serious or for personal vendetta or for publicity.”

Asked if she has ever faced any sexual harassment in the film industry, Preity told the interviewer: “No I haven’t… I wish I had. So that I had an answer to tell you as to how,” and then she laughed.


“This is a very relevant question because people treat you like the way you want to be treated,” she added.

Her response to the matter did not go well with the large audience especially on social media and she started getting flak.

The movement gained momentum in the last few months in India where several Bollywood actresses and budding filmmakers and writers shared about their harassment at the workplace by powerful people in the industry.

Earlier in the day, she wrote on Twitter: “Really sad to see how the interview is edited to trivialize and be insensitive. Not everything is traction & as someone being interviewed, I expected decency & maturity from a journalist @iFaridoon. I did 25 interviews that day and only yours turned out edited like this #dissappointed.”




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